48 Days to a Better Me, I Accept the Challenge

Kelly McCausey from Momstalknetwork created a 48 day challenge for herself.  ...more

If I Hear that Question One More Time....

O.K so I went to the Baptism on Sunday like I had talked about.  I did manage finding something to wear but it had to be my maternity clothes, which were a bit too big.  I’m at that stage where my regular clothes are way too small (more on that soon) and my maternity clothes are too big. I tried desperately to find something to wear from my regular collection.  Here is a little snippet of what went on when I tried to find something to wear. Oh, I remember that top, I got a lot of compliments when I wore it to that party.  Let me try it on……  ...more

My Son Loves Women.... Should I Be Worried?

I had heard comments from his daycare at how much Jeffrey loves older women.  I had heard a story from the daycare about the time that a student who was studying Childhood Education spend two days at the daycare as part of her program. Apparently, Jeffrey was always around her.  He would look at her with a glaze in his eyes.  He wanted to hold her hand all the time and whenever he did ANYTHING, he would look at her for a reaction. ...more

I Pledge... Celebrities Pledge Also

I just saw a powerful video that was done by celebrities in the "Be the Change" campaign for Obama.  Thank you Jen W from Serenity Now Blog for introducing me to this video. It is a continuing journey of Obama for People to take Personal Accountability and Pledge to do something to change America (the world). "Because together We Can, Together We Are, And Together We Will Be the Change that We Seek" ...more

Surprise Visitors - Are they Really Welcome?

Yesterday, I was in a very lazy sort of mood.  During the week, I run around trying to fit 25 hours in a 24 hour period, so sometimes on the week-end, I just want to relax.  This includes, staying in my pyjamas and spending time with my kids even if it’s just sitting down holding both of them while we watch a cartoon (ah heaven).  During these days, I usually let the chores and the dishes sit a little until mid afternoon. ...more

Twitter and Trying to keep up

I think everyone by now knows of or heard of Twitter. Wikipedia defines Twitter as a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. ...more

I relate to the twitter thing.  I'm following you now; I joined recently and found out some sad ...more

Scare of my life

I have just had one of the scares of my life. ...more

Why not to throw away the Instruction Manuals

Sunday was my day with the boys.  My husband works most week-ends since he is a store manager.  There is no such thing as week-ends off when you’re in retail.  My son Jeffrey wanted to play with one of his Christmas toys, a Batman race track.  He’s only 4 so he asked me to put it together for him. Well, I tried….. and tried….. and tried.  I was a little embarrassed that I could not figure out how to put a kid’s toy together.  Jeffrey was looking at me with a kinda, “hey you’re my mom, I thought you could do anything” look.  ...more

2008 A Year in Review Part Four - Top Children's Websites

  Here is the next series of our countdown to 2009 special postings.  If you're like me and always looking for safe sites to educate or entertain your kids, here are some ideas to help.  They are not rated by top 10 but by type of site.   Top Children's Websites for 2008 are: Research Source:  Todays Parent ...more