This is not going to be the post that convinces you that my radio show is a professional operation

I just finished posting the latest round of free audio from my radio show, and I wanted to highlight this one because: 1. For better or worse, the topics I cover perfectly encapsulate who I am as a radio host, and… 2. It gives me an excuse to share the best video that has ever been created by human hands ....more

Your saint for 2016

It’s that time of year again! Check out the Saint’s Name Generator to have a saint chosen for you for 2016! To see which saint I got and tell me all about the saint you got, head over to Facebook! ...more

Give someone a subscription to listen to me on the radio, and I will hand-write a welcome note for them!

I have a ridiculous amount of fun on my radio show every day. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’d like to join me by tuning in live, get them a subscription to SiriusXM and I will: Send them a hand-written note addressed to them personally Enter YOU...more

Halloween decorations still up and a wet sock on the tree: Advent is off to a rollicking start at the Fulwiler house

Advent is usually a season of fail for me. High expectations collide with low estimates of how many free hours I actually have in a day, and the result is lot of staring at Instagram in despair as I convince myself that everyone else gets an A+ for their holiday celebrations and I get an F. This year I decided to take the approach of setting my expectations much, much lower ....more

My kid lost a toy…and I found a clue


Seven quick takes about seeing the Pope, and why a terrifying emergency landing was one of my better travel experiences

Seven years ago today, I wrote my first “Seven Quick Takes” post. The idea was that it would be a way to share a few updates and stories that were too short to warrant individual blog posts, but too long for social media. I ended up writing a Seven Quick Takes pretty much every Friday after that, and invited other bloggers to join me ....more

Come to New York and Philly with me!

On Sunday evening I get on a plane to go to New York to cover the Pope’s visit as part of my radio show! First I’ll be broadcasting from the SiriusXM studios in Manhattan, and then I’ll head over to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families weekend events. This is a huge trip and I’m ridiculously excited about it, and I’d love for you to come with me! ...more

Take a listen: bachelor parties, marijuana, and gender-neutral Little Red Riding Hood (radio show highlights)

I now have two weeks of the daily radio show under my belt! Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a challenge to fit two hours of live radio into my schedule, given that I have six kids and I homeschool, but we’re making it work. There have been a few bumps in the road, like when I showed up at a conference in Portland with no books because I forgot to send them there… (The Jennifer Fulwiler table offered only advice for how not to manage your life.) …But mostly everything is going smoothly ....more

Looking for guest suggestions for my new show!

I cannot believe that I have fewer than seven days until I start my daily radio show! As I sketch out my plans for the first couple of weeks, one of my favorite parts is thinking about guests. I want the Jennifer Fulwiler Show to be...more

Here’s my big news!

I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter last week that I had big news to share....more