Running: Consistency & Motivation

Whether you’re just starting a running program or have been running for years, it’s always great to pick up some tips on maintaining consistency and motivation. Here are my best tips! When I tried to figure out why it’s been so long since I’ve written about running, it took awhile to come up with an answer ....more

How to: Poach Chicken Breasts

Poached chicken is fantastic to have on hand for salads, pastas and sandwiches. Use it right way or freeze the extras for later. This tutorial will show you how to poach chicken breasts in minutes! ...more

Smoky Cucumber, Radish & Avocado Salad Recipe

The fresh flavors of radishes, cucumbers and avocados highlight the flavors of springtime beautifully in this easy salad. By most standards, I had pretty weird taste buds as a kid. My favorite appetizer was smoked oysters dipped in cocktail sauce, I adored toast with mayo and sardines, snacked on radishes whenever I could and ate raw chives straight from the garden at daycare ....more

Baked Salmon Meatballs with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Seriously, these baked salmon meatballs may be some of the best things you’ve eaten in awhile. They’re made even better with a dollop of creamy avocado sauce on top. Thanks to California Avocado for helping me to share this recipe with you ....more

Seared Shrimp Salad with Jicama, Strawberries & Avocado

This healthy dinner salad will leave your family begging for more. Succulent shrimp, crunchy jicama, sweet strawberries and creamy avocado. What’s not to love?! ...more

How to Convert Your Photos to Black & White & Other Tricks

Have you always wanted to turn some of your favorite photos into beautiful black and white images? This tutorial teaches you how to do that and much more! Thank you to Adobe Photoshop Elements for helping me to share this post with you ....more

Curry Asparagus & Cauliflower “Rice” Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a paleo, low carb or vegan side dish, or just something that tastes really darn good, this Curry Asparagus and Cauliflower “Rice” should do the trick! This whole veggie thing is taking on a life of its own. As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, Easy Vegetable Soft Tacos and 10 Healthy Recipes for Spring, my craving for veggies shot through the roof last week ....more

10 Healthy Recipes for Spring

Springtime is the time to pull out the fresh fruits and vegetables! Salad, desserts, side dishes, snacks…bring on the asparagus, cauliflower and strawberries in these healthy recipes! Over the past couple of days, cookbooks were strewn across our family room coffee table ....more

Easy Vegetable Soft Tacos Recipe

These vegetable soft tacos come together in about 20 minutes, and the natural flavors practically sing! This recipe is great for vegetarian and gluten free meals. Maybe it’s because we just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas, the city of excess, but I have been craving nothing but vegetables for the past few days ....more

Lemon & Cherry Whole Wheat Scones Recipe

Lighten up your brunch table with these fragrant and tasty lemon and cherry whole wheat scones. There’s even a make-ahead option to make your morning easier. For the kids, Easter morning may be all about Easter baskets and chocolate eggs ....more