Vegetable Hand Roll Recipe (Temaki) with Avocado Wasabi Yogurt

Creamy avocados do double duty in this vegetable hand roll (temaki), as part of the vegetable filling and the wasabi yogurt. Thank you to California Avocados for helping me share this recipe with you. If it was up to my boys and me, it would be “all sushi, all the time” ....more

Raspberry Mojito Recipe

This raspberry mojito just took over as the queen of cocktails in my house. Tart, sweet, cold and refreshing, this classic cocktail gets a summertime makeover. Is it 5pm on Friday yet? ...more

One-Pot Italian Chicken & Quinoa Recipe

Made from staple pantry ingredients and a side of chicken, this easy and delicious one-pot meal is a lifesaver on a busy night. This is one of those meals that came to be as a result of staring into the pantry and fridge for a good 10 minutes. My goal was to avoid a trip to the grocery store at all costs because 1) in my standard “don’t make a meal plan” MO, I had already been to the store four times that week, 2) I was determined not to spend any more money on groceries and 3) I was feeling as lazy as a sloth. (...)Read the rest of One-Pot Italian Chicken & Quinoa Recipe (652 words) © Dara for Cookin Canuck, 2016 ....more

15 Healthy Burger Recipes {Meat & Meatless}

There’s something here for everyone! These 15 healthy burger recipes offer up amazing flavor with both meat and meatless options. Fire up the grill! ...more

Chicken Pasta Salad with Green Beans, Tomatoes & Feta Cheese

This healthy chicken pasta salad takes advantage of the season’s fresh green beans and tomatoes. It’s the perfect potluck salad for the summertime! There are some meals that are meant to be eaten al fresco, and pasta salads definitely fall into that category ....more

Caprese Potato Skewers Recipe

These caprese appetizer skewers are made a thousand times better with the addition of tender Creamer potatoes. Our new favorite summertime appetizer! Thank you to the Little Potato Company for helping me to share this recipe with you ....more

Grilled Pesto Vegetable Pizza Recipe

These grilled vegetable pizzas, slathered with pesto and topped with smoky, tender vegetables will keep your vegetarian guests happy all summer long! I wasn’t a very good listener the first time I made grilled pizza. It all went down at one of my cooking group’s monthly cookfests years ago and the theme was grilling ....more

Chocolate Chunk Avocado Ice Cream

Who knew that this chocolate avocado ice cream could be so creamy without a drop of regular milk or cream? No granulated sugar, either. Thank you to California Avocados for helping me share this recipe with you ....more

15 Fantastic Summertime Salad Recipes

You can’t beat a really good summer salad recipe and these are some of my favorites. Side dishes, entrees and potluck dishes – there’s a little bit of everything. As I see it, there are only a few options for summertime cooking when the temperature rises ....more

Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe with Tart Cherry Sauce

These grilled lamb chops are topped with a beautiful tart cherry sauce. Whip them up in no time for easy summertime entertaining. Thank you to The Cherry Marketing Institute for helping me to share this recipe with you ....more