Hot Cranberry & Whiskey Lemonade

This Hot Cranberry and Whiskey Lemonade cocktail will warm you from the inside it. This is the drink that made me fall in love with whiskey! It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally reached grown-up status ....more

Sautéed Lemon & Garlic Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts sautéed and flavored with lemon and garlic make a fantastic side dish for any holiday or dinner party! How often have you walked away from a holiday meal or dinner party raving about the side dishes far more than the entrée? Maybe it was an unbelievable winter salad or some easy herbed potatoes ....more

How to Fix Orange Photos in Photoshop Elements

Learn how to get rid of the orange cast (or other colors) in your favorite photos, using a few post-processing tricks. Thank you to Adobe for helping me share this post with you. As much as I want to capture some perfect holiday and winter photos each year, taking indoor shots when the sun goes down at 4 o’clock can produce color casts that seem to ruin the whole effect ....more

Mini Sherry Shrimp & Tarragon Phyllo Bites

These bite-sized phyllo appetizers may have fancy (and wonderful!) flavors, but they are a breeze to put together! Thank you to Athens Foods for helping me to share this recipe with you. The line-up for the healthy holiday appetizer table continues! ...more

How to: Chop Parsley & Cilantro {Wusthof Giveaway}

Learn some tips and tricks to help you chop parsley and cilantro in seconds! Thanks to WUSTHOF for helping me share this giveaway with you. When I first starting cooking, it took me forever to chop parsley and cilantro ....more

Food Photography Tips & Easy Post-Process

Pick up your camera and get ready to snap away. Here are some of my best food photography tips, plus an easy post-process before and after. Thank you to Adobe for helping me share this post with you ....more

Whole Wheat Orzo, Cauliflower & Kale Soup {Vegan}

This comforting but light vegetable soup is packed with whole wheat orzo, cauliflower, kale and a whopping 9 grams of fiber per serving! If I had to choose one type of food to eat everyday for the rest of my life, the ol’ mighty dollar would have the final say. You see, my first choice would be sushi ....more

Best Low-Fat Turkey Lasagna

This low-fat turkey lasagna recipe is great for feeding a crowd! Pair it with a salad for a meal that everyone will love. Whenever I tell people our Christmas gathering tradition, I get a double-take and “Really?!” For the past 15 years, every since Steve and I got married, we’ve gathered at either our house in Utah, my parents’ house in Canada, or my in-laws’ house in California ....more

Baked Sweet Potato Tuna Patties

Add these awesome Baked Sweet Potato Tuna Patties to your weekly menu. They will blow away an notion of what you thought tuna patties should be! We’ve managed to do the ol’ bob and weave to avoid the inevitable onslaught of Christmas cookies and candies ....more

Mini Hummus & Roasted Pepper Phyllo Bites

These easy and addictive Mini Hummus & Roasted Pepper Phyllo Bites are perfect for entertaining or healthy snacking. Thank you to Athens Foods for helping me to share this recipe with you. I have a love-hate thing going on with the appetizer table at any given holiday party ....more