Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 31)

This week’s meal plan was brought to you by: Big Bear's Wife...more

Something Saturdays (9/24/16)

We've just been cleaning and cleaning and packing and moving and yeah. Busy busy busyyyy! And it's only 1 more week until the big official move! ...more

Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

My hubby likes porters and stouts. But he also doesn't really drink much, especially if there's no one drinking with him (and I don't drink sooo...)--so long story short, we've had a couple bottles of Michael's favorite milk stout sitting in our refrigerator since like November. And he had an ice cream craving ....more

Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 30)

This week’s meal plan was brought to you by: The Spiffy Cookie...more

Something Saturdays (9/17/16)

WHAT A WEEK!...more

Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 29)

This week’s meal plan was brought to you by: The Cooking Actress...more

Something Saturdays (9/10/16)

EVERYTHING IS STARTING TO HAPPEN!!!! We're officially clear to close so next week we'll be closing, switching over all the utilities, and getting possession of the house!!! EEEEEEE! ...more

French Onion Macaroni and Cheese

erm...so....hiiii. I'm sorry guys. I know it's been like 2 months since I posted any new recipes for you and I'm seriously sorry-between this whole buying a house thing, various summer activities, and my brother visiting....I've just been sort of insanely busy ....more

Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 28)

This week’s meal plan was brought you to by: The Pajama Chef...more

Something Saturdays (9/3/16)

Hellooo my friends. Hey-good news. I actually have a new recipe coming up this week-woo! ...more