Honeymoon Recap {at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun in Riviera Maya}

Some photos from paradise... Michael and I spent 7 nights at the all-inclusive, adults-only, Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a small, mostly calm (but with plenty of activities and events) place and 100% perfect for what we wanted for our honeymoon! ...more

Something Saturdays (7/4/15)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!HI GUYS!It feels like forever since we talked. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! And I'm super sorry that I only posted once this week, I meant to share honeymoon photos and turns out that took more effort than post vacation me could handle ....more

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Coconut-Zainab of Blahnik Baker's Baby Shower!

In my years of blogging I have never had a close friendship develop so quickly as my friendship with Zainab of Blahnik Baker has. She is literally one of the sweetest people I've ever known. She is endlessly supportive, giving, funny, smart, and kind ....more

Something Saturdays (6/20/15)-MY WEDDING DAY

Nearly 11 years since we met. 5 years, 11 months, and 19 days since we had our first "date". 565 days since we got engaged. ...it's finally here ....more

Kustom Kufflinks Review

I'M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! And that means today is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. And typically, at the rehearsal dinner, we give gifts to the bridal party as a big THANK YOU for everything they've done to keep us sane and to help make the wedding amazing! ...more

Orange Crinkles-Guest Post with That Skinny Chick Can Bake

I have not made anything for the blog in the last week and a half-and I feel awful about it. Buuut...wedding planning is crazy time consuming. And it's go-time on Saturday ....more

Whole Wheat Italian Gougères

I had such lofty intentions to make these "Italian" gougeres. I thought roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese....perfection! I considered adding additional seasonings but didn't think they'd be needed.Welll....learn from my mistake my friends ....more

Something Saturdays (6/13/15)

I'm getting married in 1 week-NBD.And I should not be allowed to check weather forecasts because it just FREAKS me out--can we all just sound out collective prayers/good vibes that it not rain on my wedding day? At least not during the stuff where it matters (like...if it rains in the morning or in the evening that's fine I guess).Car news: I did end up needing a new tire on my car (apparently some lovely person left a pair of scissors in the road just for me to drive over 'em...thanks.) and we also ordered a paint pen from the dealership for the scratch on my car. THEN Michael's car died and we had to get him a new battery ....more

Double Chocolate Coconut Flour Muffins {Gluten-free, Dairy free, Paleo, Low fat}

Hurray! I did it! I made a healthy-like really...actually healthy-thing and Michael liked it and complimented it and had no comments like "yeah it's ok but it would be better if it were sweeter..." etc ....more

Chocolate Chewies

Allow me to gripe about something wholly un-food related (although you could somewhat blame my love of food for part of this...)--I went shopping for tank tops the other day and firmly realized that it is a difficult time to be a curvy (yet still petite?) girl. 90% of the tank tops were cropped, sheer, and/or possessing an open back or some such where you cannot wear a bra. Y'all...I NEED to wear a bra ....more