"Hobby Ladies"

The other day I was speaking with a woman about a possible collaborative opportunity for Cooking in My Heels. Our chat went pretty well at the start — she, Cordon Bleu-trained in Paris; me, cook when I’m blue trained in Queens. Over the course of conversation I asked whom else she’d spoken with, so I could get a sense of what her goals were with a collaborator....more
Denise  Absolutely!!more

EGADS….where’d THAT come from?

©cookinginmyheels.comSomething’s going on in my drawers. My dresser drawers....more

It Ain't Pretty, But it Sure is Good

There’s a hotel in my neighborhood that straddles the High Line Park, and became rather infamous due to an aspect of its design. Rather than face the view of the Hudson a block away, the hotel windows face out on the park and surrounding neighborhood below. Which leads to the infamy. When the hotel opened, its guests were “encouraged” to exhibit. The art on display was the guest, preferably sans apparel. Naturally, the cheekier guests always oblige. I suppose if you are proud of what you’ve got there’s no reason to not show it off....more

My NEW Thanksgiving

Prepare yourself, because my next sentence could be considered heresy. I don’t make turkey for Thanksgiving. I haven’t for about ten years. Now before you fly off the handle and gather your pitchforks and torches, let me explain. I’ve never been all that crazy about turkey. It’s a rather flavorless bird....more

So who are you NOW?

Currently "between positions" (nice way of saying laid off in the latest economic quagmire and looking for gainful employment), Karin started writing cooking in my heels to save sanity, share a life-long obsession with food and cooking, and put the voices bouncing around her brain on virtual paper. She (me) also likes making people laugh, occasionally think, and has to do something with all those shoes, so there you go. ...more