Sandy Shuman Jewelry - Nature inspired designs made from the heart….urban, earthy, bohemian, and eclectic.

Today is  “Shop Local Saturday” and a perfect day to jump back into blogging and introduce to you a  Whimsically Artistic Jewelry Designer, Sandy Shuman .Sandy’s shop is not a local brick and mortar store however several months ago Sandy launched her on-line small business .Please stop in, take a look and  shop around! ...more

Corned Beef, A Tradition born in the USA

On Sunday March 17th in many countries the Irish and those who become Irish for a day will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks, leprechauns, Celtic Irish Music, the wearing of green and of course Guinness are associated with Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations....more
Hi there Karen! Well, I am here 2 days late. Sorry! But I've been busy at home with mi familia, ...more

Fat Tuesday 2nd Annual Virtual Mardi Gras Celebration! Ready To Party?

Welcome to my Virtual Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Party! The “Greatest Free Show on Earth” is in full swing down New Orleans way and if like me you are at home and feel like celebrating grab a beverage and join the party!The menu is set but I was just thinking that we could also add Jambalaya, red beans and rice, to the menu, and don’t forget beverages to warm the body and soul.My ipod is in its docking station filled with a great selection of Jazz, Zydeco and many of my party favorites ready to liven up the festivities. Don’t forget to grab a handful of Mardi Gras beads, as you arrive at the party. I have filled a bowl with beads in all colors specifically purple which represents justice, green for faith and gold means power. Do you have any favorite Fat Tuesday traditions?  Are you ready to join the party? Cheers! KaryThanks for visiting. Stop by
I have NEVER been to New Orleans, but would love to go someday. I am dying to see the ...more

It's time for Mardi Gras, so grab your beads and come along!

Welcome to Mardi Gras season! This is my third year writing a post about one of my favorite cities so please join me in the celebration! My husband Doug and I love New Orleans, the delicious food, lively music, eclectic and friendly people. I don’t need a reason to cook up some great Cajun or Creole foods, but with Mardi Gras season upon us I usually find myself in the kitchen whipping up our favorite New Orleans cuisine and preparing to host a Mardi Gras party, usually the Saturday prior to Fat Tuesday. ...more
@cookingwithkary His gumbo is a lot of work but so worth it. Really!   :)more

Are you ready for some Homemade Chicken Fingers!

Last night I was in a Chicken Fingers kinda mood so I baked a tray of homemade crunchy Chicken Fingers and with Super Bowl eating day this sunday I thought I would share this recipe with y'all.Chicken wings and chicken fingers are a staple for many super bowl parties, and on occasion I think most of us love nothing better than southern fried chicken....more
@elaineR.N. You know me, Amiga, I don't mind the fat, but I should probably give this lighter ...more

ipod, Nook & Playlist keep me moving!

As many of you know a new job can be all consuming; learning about the new company, researching, scheduling meetings and showing up every day with a big smile and a positive attitude. Last May I embarked on a new job and although I may have neglected posting on my blog over the last several months, one thing I continue to do is workout 4 to 5 times a week.   ...more Oh PUHLEAZE!!!!more

Back in the Blogosphere, missed all my buddies!

I know that everyone has been busy with summer vacations, attending BlogHer 12 (which I missed) and life in general so you might not have noticed that my posting has been none existent over the last couple of months. I know my Amiga Virginia over at HomeRearedChef posted on July 12, 2012 that she was taking a break which I just read today. The post was so very thoughtful and so like Virginia to think ahead....more
I'm sorry to have missed this post, Kay, but here I am today. I also notice you have not posted ...more

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! Today’s blog is dedicated to my mom Gloria. I am trying to find the words to express my love, respect and admiration for one of the most important people in my life.  So I will keep it simple. Mom thank you for teaching me to laugh, love, respect all of God’s creatures, believe in myself, know that I can be and achieve anything I put my mind, effort, heart and soul in to. ...more
Chorizo and eggs are one of my favorite meals to serve for brunch, and so easy, too. Obviously, ...more

Break out the Margaritas's!

Viva! Cinco de Mayo! Do you know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the US? Some people seem to think that Cinco de Mayo, May 5th is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence from Spain.  Not true, Mexico declared Independence from Spain on September 15th 1810. Now that we have cleared that up, on May 5th, 1862 in Pueblo Mexico the Mexican army of 4,000 soldiers defeated the French Army of 8,000. ...more
I am definitely looking at your pork taco. I am a huge fan of pork. And I totally agree that ...more

Burn Off Some Extra Calories by Drinking Ice Water!

Today while I was exercising I switched on the TV to the Rachael Ray show, Dr. Travis Stork was on the show, imagine this they were discussing weight loss. I missed the first part of the program, when I tuned in Dr. Travis and Rachael were discussing how eight glasses of ice water a day can help with weight loss. This caught my attention; I usually make every effort to drink about eight glasses of ice water a day, I decided to check out Rachael Ray’s website for more details....more
Fantastic!  I like a little green tea in my water, too.  :-)more