Grapefruit Poppyseed Muffins

This is the time of year many of you will be planning for houseguests and holiday dinners. Things here will be simple, most likely spent celebrating with friends. I feel like this is something a lot of people don’t really talk about, but I’m certain we can’t be the only ones not spending the holidays with extended family ....more

Snickers Cupcakes

I should tell you from the start – these cupcakes do not actually have Snickers in them. So if you’re looking for a cupcake with candy inside, this isn’t it. However, if you’re looking for a cupcake that is insanely delicious and very reminiscent of a Snickers bar, then you’ve found it ....more

Red Beans and Rice Burgers

We eat meatless meals here several times a week. We absolutely love these black bean burgers, and we love red beans and rice, so we obviously had to try this recipe that seemed like a mashup of the two. We were not disappointed ....more

Black Bean and Roasted Poblano Enchiladas

The transition from summer to fall is never an easy one for me when it comes to meal planning. Sure, fall gives me the urge to bake all the things, but that doesn’t really translate into figuring out what to cook for dinner. Mexican food is my favorite anytime of year, so it’s often my go-to when I’m feeling uninspired or simply can’t decide what to cook ....more

Blistered Shishito Peppers

We’ve been buying shishito peppers from the farmers market every time we go, and I’ve been craving them like crazy when we run out. They are insanely addictive and so simple to make. The method is so easy that I almost feel silly posting a recipe for it, but then I think about how just seeing this picture makes my mouth water, and I know it’s a recipe worth sharing ....more

Pasta with Slow-Roasted Tomato Cream Sauce

Yes, I know. Another tomato and pasta recipe. I just can’t help myself ....more

Peach Ice Cream

We’re still very much in the midst of summer here, despite was basically every retail store would have us believe. No, I don’t want any Halloween candy, and I certainly don’t want to see Christmas decorations. Seriously ....more

Pasta with Mascarpone and Roasted Tomatoes

Is anyone sick of tomatoes yet? I’m certainly not, and our garden is still giving us plenty to use. I know this is the time of year where seemingly every food blog switches over to pumpkin recipes, but, as much as I love pumpkin, I’m not ready to go there yet ....more

Cannoli Ice Cream

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve heard me profess my love for ice cream on many occasions. It is, without a doubt, my favorite dessert. I love making it almost as much as I love eating it, and this summer has had no shortage of homemade ice cream at our house ....more

Pasta with Heirloom Tomatoes and Herb Vinaigrette

Every summer has a meal that we make over and over again. This chicken with tomato herb pan sauce was the reigning champion (ha!) for a long time. Earlier this summer, we were obsessed with these pork chops ....more