Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta with Kale and Feta

Long summer days make me yearn to spend time outside – going for evening walks, drinking wine on a neighbor’s deck, staying out late. The abundant daylight makes me want to spend more time playing and less time cooking. Leo’s arrival, coupled with our desire to soak up these long summer nights, has meant our meals have been less involved than usual ....more

Leo Bennet’s Birth Story

Hi, friends! I don’t have a recipe to post, but I do have exciting news. Our newest little one arrived last week! ...more

Peanut Butter “Cookie Dough” Bites

With less than three weeks to go until my due date, I’ve been preparing by making a lot of food to store in the freezer. We have plenty of quick-fix meals that will likely be in heavy rotation when the baby arrives, so I’ve been focusing on breakfasts and desserts. Clara wakes up ready to eat every single day, and I know I’ll be feeling the same way when I’m sleep deprived and nursing a newborn ....more

Parmesan Chicken Cutlets

Spring and the longer days that come with it make me very reluctant to spend too much time inside cooking dinner. I like that the extra light gives me a chance to snap a picture before dinner, but really I’d rather be enjoying the warm weather and sunshine outside with Eric and Clara. And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing since warm weather made its reappearance recently ....more

Baked Blood Orange Doughnuts

It is finally springtime here, like legit springtime and not that hard freeze mess we had last week. I’m so thrilled because that means more time spent outside, dinners cooked entirely on the grill, weekends spent working on our garden, and the fact that I’ll be having a baby super soon. You know who else is having a baby? ...more

Pinto Bean and Swiss Chard Baked Burritos

Vegetarian dinners are pretty regular at our house, and I’m always looking for new meatless main dishes that aren’t pasta. This has been even more true lately, thanks to my weird pregnancy appetite. I am lucky in that I haven’t suffered from morning sickness with either of my pregnancies, but I still have days where nothing sounds good to eat (and days where the complete opposite is true) ....more

Banana Chocolate Butter + Beyond Canning Cookbook Giveaway

I’ve been dreaming of spring and summer- what type of flowers to plant, what changes to make to our raised garden beds, refilling our pantry with homemade jams and pickles. Oh, and you know, having a baby in less than three months. When my friend Autumn’s new book, Beyond Canning: New Techniques, Ingredients, and Flavors to Preserve, Pickle, and Ferment Like Never Before, arrived at my house, that warm weather daydreaming hit full force ....more

Enchanted Fairy Garden: Clara’s Fourth Birthday

Clara celebrated her fourth birthday a couple weeks ago. When we started discussing her birthday party back in January, I was certain she would want a mermaid themed party. She surprised me when she asked for a fairy party instead, but I was totally up for it ....more

Peanut Butter Chocolate Waffles

Waffles are probably Clara’s favorite breakfast food, and that’s saying a lot considering how much she loves breakfast foods. We served waffles at her second birthday brunch. We have a tradition of making the eggnog variety on Christmas morning, and birthday waffles (our regular recipe + sprinkles) have made appearances here, too ....more

Chipotle Bean Burritos

Tex-Mex/Mexican is easily our favorite cuisine. We could eat it several times a week and never tire of it. These chicken fajitas make a regular appearance on our weekly menu, even when it’s too cold and snowy to light up the grill (this is when our panini grill comes in handy) ....more