Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

Summer is here, and that means one thing at our house – lots and lots of frozen treats. Ice cream is, hands down, my favorite dessert. Cake and cupcakes are great and all, but, for me, nothing comes close to ice cream ....more

Grilled Pork Chops with Blueberry Peach Salsa

Eric made this meal. Clara was especially exhausted the evening we had this and ended up asleep on the couch, on me, sometime around 6:00. She dropped her nap before her third birthday, and most days she’s fine, but waking up with the summer sun each morning and playing hard all day takes sometimes takes its toll ....more

Grilled Steak and Kale Salad with Chimichurri Dressing

Apologies for the radio silence around here. We’ve been working hard on more house renovations the past week, finally finishing up the staircase renovation that we’ve been working on. It’s a strange feeling to be nearly done renovating our entire downstairs, in less than two years, especially when we never intended to do so much to the house when we bought it ....more

Peach Lemonade

I’m no stranger to homemade summer drinks. We are not soda drinkers and, besides water, our drinks of choice are coffee and potent potables. So when the opportunity arises (ahem, summer), I love making fruity drinks that we can share when friends come over for cookouts ....more

DIY Kitchen Table Makeover

After we renovated our kitchen, I searched all over for a new table that a) matched the image I’d made up in my head and b) wouldn’t break the bank. I gave up after a while because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, and I eventually decided I would just figure out a way to paint or otherwise change up our existing table (there are some photos of it in the kitchen reveal). When I came across this IKEA coffee table hack on Centsational Girl, I was so excited because it was exactly what I envisioned ....more

Pork Chops Agrodolce

Eric and I joke sometimes that we have a philosophy that we refer to as “The Champion Quotient.” This is what we call the things we make or do that require minimal effort but have maximum results. You know how some things, whether meals or crafts or house projects, look like they took a lot of work but actually didn’t? Those are the types of dinners (and crafts and house projects) we really love ....more

Tea for Three: Clara’s Third Birthday

We celebrated Clara’s third birthday back in March. Our sweet girl has grown so much over the past year. She is such an amazingly kind little person ....more

Tex-Mex Sausage Pizza with Poblano Crema

It’s glaringly obvious from looking at this site that Tex-Mex food is our favorite. The seven glorious months we spent in Texas, way back in 2007, totally spoiled us. If you could see all the recipes I have saved, you would find that a majority of them, at least the savory ones, are Tex-Mex (let’s not talk about the oodles of dessert recipes I’ve got piled up) ....more

Grilled Spring Vegetable Chopped Salad

Summer vegetables are amazing. I get so excited when we get our garden started this time of year and then forget that I have to wait before the plants actually produce anything. Just when it seems like tomatoes and corn and squash are right around the corner, it turns out they’re still a couple months out ....more

Spring Grain Salad with Asparagus and Goat Cheese

Spring is an exciting time. My peony has grown about a foot in the past week, and I’m eagerly watching the buds for the first sign of blooms. Eric and I have been planning our garden, and Clara has asked nearly every day when we’ll get to have orange “matoes” (that’s Sungold tomatoes) again ....more