A Child Is Murdered: I Shudder

For a former journalist, it’s quite embarrassing how infrequently I read the newspaper. But today, I was sitting in a café waiting for a meeting and I was a little early, so I picked up the paper. On the front page was a story a court case currently taking place in Canada investigating the brutal rape and murder of a young girl. The details sent chills up my spine, just as they did when the girl was abducted years ago. She was walking home alone after school and disappeared. At the time, we all guessed the grisly fate that befell her....more
This was a very tragic story and I find the testimony bone-chilling.  It's when I hear stories ...more

Awkward: How One Simple Word Ruined my Daughter

One morning a few weeks ago, I walked into my daughter’s grade two classroom at lunch to bring her the pair of rain boots she had accidentally forgotten at home. When I peered in the doorway, I could see her sitting at her desk, her long, straight brown hair falling across her face, opening her lunch box. I walked quietly and gave her my million-dollar smile and leaned over to give her a kiss when the boy beside her says, “Awkward.”...more
Sigh...childhood goes away way to fast. 3 out of my 4 girls don't want me to come to eat lunch ...more

Facing Fears I Never Had Before I Became a Mom

It has been 9 years since I’ve been at an airport without my kids in tow. Nine years since I’ve flown alone. Nine years since I’ve been away from them for any significant length of time, aside from the odd sleepover. I know this is a shocking confession in our culture of “me time,” but it’s true. Until very recently, I have never wanted -- or “needed” -- to leave them. I spend enough time away from them at work. And they spend enough time away from me at school, their activities and with friends. But the real reason I haven’t left them is because of something that happened when my first-born, now 10, was just 18 months....more
I can so relate to this! I have been to a few conferences over the past couple of years and I ...more

Letting Go: One Woman's Struggle to Give Her Son Freedom

By Cori HowardIt was around 7:30 on a weekend morning when I heard the front door open and close. Snuggled in tight beside my little girl, I thought for a moment how odd it was that my 9-year-old son and my husband were going out so early. I wondered, briefly, where they were going and promptly, fell back asleep.When I woke up, they were both downstairs, barely able to contain their glee. “I went to 7-Eleven, mom,” said my son, hopping up and down. “By myself.”Confused, I looked at my husband. “What do you mean?” I asked....more

Is Mommy Blogging the New Tupperware? And What's Wrong With That?

By Danielle Christopher, for The Momoir Projectwww.themomoirproject.com...more

A Mom with PPD Debates Having Another Baby

By Karen Bannister From The Momoir Project Blog @ www.themomoirproject.com ...more

Tag Team Parenting

 By Karen Bannister  For The Momoir Project  www.themomoirproject.com ...more

Remembering Birth: Submit your own birth story to The Momoir Project and win a free copy of the new mom anthology

The most popular writing class for moms that I teach, by far, is the one where we write about our birth experiences. It’s also the hardest class, because we have to try to fit such a monumental rite of passage into a few hundred words. ...more

Letting Go of Our Kids

Letting Go ...more