Poverty and Affordable Housing

Poverty and homelessness is an issue that face Autistic people, as well as people with and without other disabilities. A concern for those with disabilities is whether homeless shelters, women's shelters and other services are supportive of their disabilities, and uncertainty may be a big factor in whether disabled people access such services. Which kinda creates a cycle unless it's specified that services are accessible to disabled people. ...more

Surviving the Holidays with Autism

Up here in Canada, we had our Thanksgiving back in October, so we're all getting ready for Christmas/Hanukkah/other winter holidays.  I'm going to be very honest: I celebrate Christmas, so my default for the holiday season is Christmas.  This doesn't mean that stuff I say cannot be used for other holidays, it's just a religious difference, use as need. ...more

Autistics Speaking Day

I originally posted this on my website No Stereotypes Here, and thought I'd share it here. ...more

The Perspectives of Luck and Autism

In 2005, during the opening show of an art gallery for autistic artists that I coordinated, a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper interviewed me as one of the artists.  He asked me "Do you consider yourself lucky?"   At the time, I stumbled a bit to answer his question.  My answer then really did not encompass my entire thoughts about his question. The answer to that question really depends on what does one mean by "lucky" and from which perspective? ...more

Pepsi Refresh and The Larger Difference

(this article was originally posted here)...more

What I Want People to Know

I wrote this for The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, where it was originally published on June 30th 2010.  With their permission, I have reposted it here. ...more

To Be, or Not, Normal

The following personal essay was written August 21, 2002 as part of a series called "From the Kore" that was published in my church's bulletin/newsletter-thing. I was 17, and not yet diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so I attributed a lot to my diagnosis of ADD and to personal preference.At this time, I speak of peer pressure in context of doing drugs, smoking, and other public-service-announcement type of illegal activities that I considered Very Bad Things....more

Perspectives Anthology

If you haven't heard, there is an anthology by the Long Island Examiner that is currently taking submissions. Their mission statement is...more

A Mocking Compassion

This post originally was posted on my blog here on March 30, 2010 ...more

A Block to Autistic Self Advocacy

If you haven't already heard, a delay has happened in the confirmation of autistic self-advocate Ari Ne'eman's nomination to the National Council on Disability, the youngest nominee in US history. As Ari has demonstrated, age is not a barrier to experience....more