I need one

I've got a room but never registered for the conference. I don't really know how that happened but it did. I thought I was registered but, sadly, no. So now I come to the forums to beg for a ticket! Just like back in my Grateful Dead days.    duuuuude....i need one duuuude....   Thanks! ...more

Reprinting my receipt

I am so thrilled that I am going to be among you all again. Last year was a blast and I know that it will be again this year. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can reprint my receipt? I registered the week that online registration became available and I can't find the receipt anywhere. I know I should have filed it...but I didn't. Any ideas?  ...more

Need a roommate at the W

Hello ladies, I might be able to swing the expense of this trip is I had someone to share a room. Anyone need a roomie? Corinna Makris www.ACelebrationofCurves.com ...more

Hi Corinna. I'm looking for a roommate. What days are you staying? I'll be there Friday and ...more

A Celebration of Curves

Hello Bloghers, My name is Corinna and my blog is A Celebration of Curves. I write about female body image, self-esteem and HAES: Health at Every Size. I am very excited about finding blogher and I hope to make it to the conference in July. ...more