3 Ways To Get And Keep Readers Attention

 It's all very well for us to say we write for ourselves. To a large extent we do. But the moment we start writing a blog and sharing it with the world, we are seeking attention from readers. (If you disagree with this premise of mine, I'd love to know why you do.)...more

How to Get More Mileage Out of Old Posts

Do you treat your old posts well? For instance, if you've been blogging for a while and keep adding posts, your old posts move off the front page of your blog. This means that they're rarely viewed by new, drop-in visitors. After studying 500 posts published between 2010 and 2012, (they) found that a blog post gets 72% of its total impressions within 30 days of publication. From then on, it gets barely any traffic at all. -A recent study by Izea and the Halverson Group ...more
Great advice! Thanks!  I love recycling old posts on Buffer and it really helps. I'm going to ...more

Why I Bought Myself a Diamond Ring

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel ...more
Lovely post Corrine :)more

Happily Imperfect

 In a world where botox and plastic surgery are so easily on offer, I sometimes wonder why we can’t just be the way we are. Who tells us that we need all these things to look beautiful? Who tells us that our nose is not ‘perfect’? What is a perfect nose anyway? And does fixing our nose or other parts of our body make us feel happier about ourselves? Perhaps once our nose is ‘perfect’, we might need a matching ‘perfect’ mouth!...more

Unequal At Birth? What We Need to Do For Gender Parity

Dear Lord, I beg you, I fall at your feet and implore you, "In my next life, don't give me a daughter... give me hell instead"... So goes the English translation of a folk song from Uttar Pradesh, India....more

Healing Follows Honesty

 Last week, I was reading a book in which a young girl struggles to reconcile the disharmony she sees between her parents and the 'happy family show' they put on in Church every Sunday. Naturally, she was terribly confused about love, religion, society and knowing what is the truth....more

Puzzles and Creativity

 I enjoy doing puzzles. But I must confess I don't do enough of them. While there is so much information that tells us that keeping our brains active in this way is a great way to keep dementia away, puzzles are very good for improving creativity too....more

99 Keys to a Creative Life

  Book DescriptionCreativity is not just painting or writing; it is stepping outside the way we normally think and looking at a situation from different angles. Author Melissa Harris reminds us that the many small acts we perform on a daily basis can be used to view our lives in a new way.99 Keys to a Creative Life is divided into three sections for easy reference: 3...more

Laughter Sparks Creativity

 Perhaps you've noticed a theme emerging in my writing this month? I've been talking about creativity. I may or may not continue this through the month, but for now, I hope you're enjoying this. Today, I'm doing a short post on the connection between creativity and laughter. Have you ever worked with a groups, at work or otherwise, on creative projects? Looking back, what was the most creative group you worked with?...more

Drift To Create

 Remember the creative process I touched upon in my post yesterday? Today, I'm talking about stage 2 of this process : incubation. You've been trying hard to solve a problem, get some ideas for a project, finding that missing piece that will make your art work complete, move forward with that article you must write.......You've prepared yourself for this creative task, but it still isn't coming together....more
Artist date. never heard of that before. Thanks for bringing it to my knowledge.more