What I've learned as a nurse

I read a featured post on the blog Moments I Like, and she asked "What has your job taught you?" This actually got me thinking about my job, and nursing in general, and what has it taught me, anyway?  Well, this...I'm an OR nurse, a job that has given me the opportunity to see some pretty amazing things, and to discover some fundamental truths. Here's what I've learned in 15 plus years of nursing., in no particular order....more

Awesome way to recycle furniture

I love the idea of rescuing neglected furniture and bringing it back to life for another family to enjoy. Refinishing and restoring furniture also keeps it out of the landfills and is eco-friendly. ...more

A better blog, a better business, a better life: Under Construction

Huh, I should post this... (why I started a blog)In August 2011, a friend and I bought booth space (well, really a wall) at a local crafter's market, so we could have an outlet for some of our crafty endeavors.  It took a while for me to find the direction I wanted to go with this, but when I did, I wanted to get some of what I was doing "out there" so folks would come to the shop. So, I made a FB page for my business. While it helped a bit, growing business from that page was pretty slow....more