I Got an A in Yoga. But I Cheated.

Psychology of Hatha Yoga was a four-unit class and we were allowed to take it twice for credit. When people ask me how I got into yoga, my honest answer is “It seemed like an easy A.”...more

The G Word

I did not want God to be at my wedding. I wasn’t even comfortable saying the “G word”. My best childhood friend was raped by a self proclaimed “Man of God” who was active in the community Church and was also her stepfather. For three years he suffocated her with chloroform and took pictures. We used to pray together after dinner when I spent two weeks there in the summer. He used the “G-word” a lot. At the time when I was planning my wedding I held only a jumbled interpretation of the word God that mostly included what I viewed to be religious, self-righteous and judgmental hypocrisy....more

Three Words Only...but a lot can be said in three words.

I discovered this exercise designed to help memoir writers get into the deepest parts of their lives, to uncover the essentials. It turned out to be a little intense! My new friend Lori Snyder actually said reading what I wrote was “gut-wrenching”. ...more