Best Graham Cracker Recipe

Change a Life with a Loan

Join Saidah on KivaEvery day, Kiva connects thousands of people to borrowers and partner institutions around the world, working together to create opportunity and alleviate poverty. It only takes $25 to get started.Why Kiva?Kiva lenders, like Saidah, combat poverty daily by making small loans to borrowers around the world. We believe in fair access to affordable capital for people to improve their own lives....more

A Curd, a Plan, and 5 Cake Pans

 It never ceases to amaze me that after months of struggling with an idea Wilton has heard my cry and created the perfect product for my needs.  Introducing Wilton's 5 Layer Cake Pan Set....more

10 Ways to Rethink Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There is an allure for the cliché of chocolate dipped strawberries on Valentine's Day.  Why not go the extra mile of making your own dipped strawberries with a twist?  And if you do go the traditional route if nothing feed them to your loved one while they are blindfolded!Here are a few ideas to go beyond the softness of strawberries dipped in ganache or the hard crack of tempered chocolate:1. Spice ‘em Up...more

Lightening in a Bottle

The Return

Good Morning!...more

Red Snapper Fish Tacos

Ingredients: Fish Tacos 1 lb Red Snapper 1 cup Flour 1 Egg 1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs 1 tsp Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Chipotle 1 tsp Dried Ci...more

Six Pears a Penny

This is a very simple dessert packed with flavor that can be prepared without cooking. ...more