Windsource: Choosing a Green Option for Our Kiddos’ Future

As a parent, I think a lot about Ricky’s future: how I can help him get into the best schools, support his dreams, let him live a full life. Yes, I think about these things – even though he’s only two. Hey, mama’s gotta have her game face on early ....more

It’s the Day Before the Day Before Christmas!

Ricky, Christmas morning, 1 year ago It’s the day before the day before Christmas. Also known as the day before Christmas Eve. Like always, I’m wishing I had an extra 24 hours before the holiday because…my three to-do lists are just overwhelming me right now ....more

WAHM: How do you actually get WORK time?

Have you read all those articles about how we all have our kids way too involved in too many things, there are too many things on their schedules, yada yada yada? Me too. I’m one of those parents who likes my child to try things, but we haven’t gone overboard – it’s not a conscious decision, though ....more

Looking for Stocking Stuffer Inspiration? Get It Here.

You guys: Christmas is a week away. Where have the last four months GONE?? If you’re like me, you had the best of intentions back in September when you started planning out what Christmas was going to look like this year ....more

How Stillbirth Affects Your Marriage – and How to Make it a Priority in the Face of Tragedy

So, you guys, I’ve been trying to keep my posts lighter and happier because, after all, it’s Christmas. And most of the time, I’ve been able to slap on a smile and enjoy just being in the moment. Especially when I’m with Ricky ....more

Pregnancy After Stillbirth: 20 Weeks and Still Truckin

We finally reached that big moment: 20 weeks pregnant. This has always been the point in pregnancy where I feel like things really start getting real. For me, everything builds til the halfway point – then it’s all about the countdown to delivery ....more

Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

I promised some of you that I would eventually write about our crib to toddler bed experience. But I just couldn’t do it right away. I felt like it was going way too well, and I was totally going to jinx myself for saying it ....more

And The Gender Is…

So, friends, we are officially NOT having twins. On Monday, the hubs convinced me that, due to how much movement I was feeling, there was no WAY there could only be one baby in my belly. Needless to say, I was freaking out a little bit ....more

Because Pinterest. And Homemade Gifts. And No Time.

You guys. I was totally going to try and be Martha Stewart this holiday season. And then I realized that it’s impossible to be this amazing mom and business owner and blogger AND make all of our Christmas gifts by hand ....more

The Terrible Twos: The Whining. Oh, the Whining.

When it comes to raising toddlers, one thing I’ve learned is that there are no two kids that are exactly the same. But, with that being said, there is one universal truth that I think every single toddler parent experiences: the whining. It’s unavoidable, friends ....more