Work for Moms Who Stay at Home

As a mom to two little ones, I need time to myself. I have a master's degree in counseling and enjoy making self accomplishments. Although I believe my children are accomplishments of my life too, I also need something for myself that is not kid related. I also think that other moms need to think of themselves more. If you stay at home, you are working. Having kids is a job. Many women need to think of themselves and take the time to enjoy a hobby, even a job on the side they enjoy....more

2nd Birthday Cake Ideas

It's August and I've been thinking about my daughter's birthday, which is not until December! However, with all the holiday marketing released for Halloween ALREADY it made me think about Christmas. Last year, on my daughter's 1st birthday, I made her a Minnie Mouse birthday cake. It was the first cake I had ever decorated.My daughter's birthday is right before Christmas, so this will definitely be a a month to plan ahead of time because of the expense of gifts, food, etc....more