Can You Smell "The One"?

There’s a whole lot of interesting research out there about pheromones.I’ve read that folks are making perfumes with pheromones in them to help you attract the right partner…crazy!  Then again, I’ve also heard that all you have to do is wear the smell of vanilla or chocolate chip cookies and a parade of men will follow you down the street. LOL…wouldn’t it be fun if it were that easy? ...more

Can You Smell The Desperation?

I used to work with a woman years ago who had the men in the office scared out of their wits. It wasn’t because she was a tough boss or a demanding coworker…it was because she was totally desperate to land a man....more

New Research: Online Dating is a Crapshoot

Online dating is one of the most widely used ways that people search for a relationship today, but does it offer advantages over other methods of meeting new potential partners? Maybe not…A new research study conducted by Northwestern University was just published in the Journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest. The study found that the main advantage of dating Web sites is access to a huge pool of potential partners. But the sites also reduce daters into two-dimensional profiles and often overwhelms them with too many choices....more

Is Someone Leading You On?

Is your relationship legit or is your partner just leading you on?Sometimes when a relationship starts intentions are good but, over time those feelings may change from active to passive. Or, maybe a partner was hedging their bets all along, wanting to have someone who’s “good for now”, but not interested in you for the long term.  Would you know if this was happening to you in your relationship?...more

Do You Have the Guts to Trust?

Is your inability to trust ruining your relationships?Contrary to popular opinion, trust really isn’t something your partner should have to earn. It should be there from the start (unless proven otherwise, of course). That’s because, the key ingredient necessary to trust someone else, is to be able to trust yourself....more

Feng Shui Your Way To Love

I don’t know about you, but when I was single I was open to trying new things that might bring me to find true love. I was more than happy to do online dating, go on blind dates, get a makeover, join Meet Up groups, organize post-work happy hours. I just wanted to be open to all the possibilities out there.  I will admit that I even had a friend come over to help me Feng Shui my condo.Crazy, you say? I dunno.  First of all, it was very fun. Secondly, I did end up finding Mr. Right. So, who knows maybe it really worked?...more

Are You With A Cheater?

Just about everyone in their dating and relationship career has the misfortune of encountering a cheater. Sometimes it’s a player who you thought you were dating exclusively, sometimes it’s a spouse who is having an emotional relationship at work. Whatever form it comes in, it sucks…it’s horrible and life altering....more

Nagging: The Marriage Killer

Yesterday there was a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Meet The Marriage Killer.” What’s this killer, you ask? It’s not money problems or infidelity…. surprise, it’s actually nagging!...more

Don't Scare People Away With Your Online Dating Profile

In a previous post, I talked about how to choose an online dating site from the myriad that exist today.  Now, I’d like to talk about how to write a profile that will attract a person perfect for the special person that is YOU!...more

Correction: Opposites Don't Attract...

Ever since you were old enough to date, someone was telling you tidbits about how attraction works. By the time of your first crush, someone had already pulled you over at your locker and told you that “opposites attract.”  Makes sense in theory, right? Find someone with opposite traits and two perfect halves come together to make a perfect whole. The ole “you complete me.”  Well, guess what? It’s not true....more