"That" mom.

Last week I cheerfully reminded all the parents to remember to bring swimsuits for my church's big "water fun and baptism day" and each time I surmised that I would likely forget myself. Like I do every year. This year I packed the bag, sent the husband to the store to get the swim diapers, and then left the bag on the couch. Our church had rented two water slides and everyone was having a blast. So I took off the baby's pants and he ran around in a soggy diaper and a t-shirt. My little girl ran around in a her t-shirt and leggings that were plastered to her. I sighed....more

The Horizon of a Hand

A friend of mine recently told me something beautiful that I simply must share. First, I'll set some context, which is to say I'll grumble a bit. ...more

Why was it easier to teach my cat to pee than my two-year-old?

With the kitties I would point to the place where the box was and simply hiss at them when they digressed. There wasn’t much training, I simply moved them over to where the box was and if they needed a reminder they were promptly shown, again, where the litter box was. Occasionally they would glare at me, vengefully, usually after a long day and the food bowl was low, and piss on the floor right in front of me. Then they would get kicked outside for kitty time-out. ...more

Play doh, confessions and awkward moments

Hubby is frantically studying for his grad school prep stuff and recently has been going to a friend’s house to be tutored in math. I decided to come along one morning to play with Kaiya and our friend’s little girl. So me in the girls were in one room, happily sticking stickers on each other and gobbing play-doh everywhere while they were in the other room, but just a few feet away. Friend- I hate it when people blog….(Hubby nervously looking over at me)… it’s like they just put up random thoughts… ...more

I actually completely related to her (not with her blog opinions- she can just shut it as far as ...more

Parent's Bailout

Am I the only one out there feeling left out? Seriously. First the housing cooperation, then the auto cooperation and what is next: all of the credit cooperation in general? What about the parent cooperation, when is our turn, that is the question burning on my mind. Is it me or is the cost of everything going up from diapers to toys? We so wanted to be those responsible parents that bought our kid organic, healthy food but that stuff is so expensive we gave that up first. Did you see CBS news tonight? ...more

Yeah right? You think they could, oh I don't know, spare a few hundred K out of the millions ...more

The Big Deep

I need to sleep but I can’t. Sometimes, the end of a day is a sad thing, like the end of a book that is so good you just don’t want it to end, what will the end of life be? Like when I finished the Harry Potter’s? Or now that I’m waiting feverishly for Breaking Dawn and coming to the realization that Bella is got to become a vampire in one of these books for sure. But anyway, seriously, will it be like that just like when a story ends and there is a slightly stilling moment and then nothing? ...more

Two Days

I wasn’t prepared to miss my daughter so much when I went away on a women’s retreat this weekend. And while I sooo needed the chocolate hour, massage and plenty of girly time my heart was broken by her sad face when I left. All day long I had tried to explain it to her, but of course since she’s not even two yet this was like trying to catch water with open hands. She understood though, as soon as I sat perched in my friend’s van and I started to hand her back to daddy. The look that followed this new understanding was one of utter abandonment. “You. Don’t. leave. Me. ...more

I would push over a nun.

I am a competitive person. To a scary degree. There is this sweet, adorable person in my life who is the best friend a person could ever have (Bo Bee Sah). She got in her car and searched the city for me when she knew I had a bad day once. ...more

My full lap

It’s five in the morning. My daughter is perched looking at the screen, probably hoping I’ll start playing with the Pokey dog. Poor kid, only dog she has is a computer one. And now she’s laughing at the screen, I’m not sure why. It’s just the Microsoft Word Processor page. I see it so much all day long it makes me cry. Not Kaiya, boy that screen is funny. It’s her dorky laugh, one that is more of a guffaw than anything. Also on my lap is my big black kitty. Who occasionally stretches out a claw to swat at Kaiya. I think to claim more space on my lap. ...more