The Song Remembers When

One of my favorite Trisha Yearwood songs is “The Song Remembers When.” The lyrics talk about the power a melody or a verse has to bring you back to a moment in time. And although times may have changed and people may have forgotten, songs can always trigger your memory....more

Oh, Bill Cosby ... It Just Never Occurred To Me

I am disgusted and repulsed and disappointed and furious and heartbroken over the news about Bill Cosby allegedly assaulting and/or raping the women who have come forward thus far.At the time of my writing, there are 16. SIXTEEN.But you know what? I’m more disgusted with the reason why I feel this way. I don’t know Bill Cosby. And yet, I feel let down. Betrayed, even. Ridiculous, isn’t it?...more

52 Weeks of Sisterhood (and Brotherhood): Roots

This photo? My cup runneth over.Each time I look at this photo I smile. And then I pause. And I have a moment. And then I smile again....more

52 Weeks of Sisterhood: The Push and Pull of Growing

Three little flowerpots occupy a tiny corner of our patio.A little over a month ago, the girls planted the dirt and the seeds that came with the little kit and they've been keeping vigilant watch over the recent sprouting.The other day, they filled our pink watering can (did you really think it would be any other color?) and gave the plants a drink of water. And by a drink, I mean the plants are currently swimming. Drowning, perhaps....more

What's Really Frustrating

So today was frustrating.By the time I sat down to begin my work, after dropping my little one at preschool and taking my older daughter to an orthodontist appointment, I was already behind the game by about two hours. I logged in to my computer and – nothing. No Internet connection. So I rebooted the router. Nothing....more

The Semicolon Project; The Sentence Is Your Life

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine posted on Facebook with a link to something called “The Semicolon Project.” I’d never heard of it before and was curious what it was all about. Have you heard of it?It turns out, the Semicolon Project is a nonprofit organization that provides support to people and communities suffering with any kind of mental health issues. Specifically, those who may be contemplating suicide....more

Little Things Matter

When I arrived at the hospital I was prepared for a long and boring morning in the waiting room. To pass the time, I had a book with me (of course) and my phone was fully charged ready for some guilty pleasure web surfing....more

52 Weeks of Sisterhood: The Youngest Fans

There are definite advantages to living close to New York City. One such advantage happened recently when the NYC chapter of UCF Alumni had a party at a local sports bar, “The Storehouse.”Not ones to waste an opportunity, we all dressed in our requisite black and gold and trekked in for some fun....more

Because She's All About That Pink ('Bout that pink - no purple)

My little one is slightly obsessed with the color pink. And by slightly, I mean COMPLETELY, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, OVER THE TOP, OBSESSED.Don’t believe me?May I present to you a snapshot of this last week:...more

Think Purple: What I would change about the NFL

I love football. Really, I do.Although Brady is my quarterback, I can appreciate the talents of the Mannings.The Patriots are my team, but I’ll also root for other teams when New England isn’t playing.It’s not the actual sport that I love. I’ve never really played football, but I understand the rules and I’ve learned a lot from my football-loving husband over the years about plays and strategies and the like. And oh my goodness I’m even trying my hand at the whole Fantasy Football thing this season. (side note: it’s completely overwhelming.)...more