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Measuring Life by Ounces

Having kids changes our worlds, our worth, our anxiety, our thoughts, our percieved notions of ourselves.  I know changes happen for men too,  but I don't think it is quite as drastic as it is for us.  We women become something stronger than we ever new we could be.  Selfless superwomen.  Every thought is of someone else before ourselves, we see it all differently- our bodies are not even our own. ...more

What NOT to take for granted...

when life gives you lemons...Things that give you peace of mind.When your children are loved, and safe during the times you are not around.Watching your littles make friends and be loved by people other than yourself.Arriving safely after travel.True blue friends that you can laugh and cry with.Ability to be totally honest, about everything with a friend who doesn't judge you or gossip about you....more

hello monday... Fear

What do you do when a big change is coming and you don't have control?  How do you react?  http://namelycourtney.blogspot.com/2014/07/hello-monday-fear.html#links#NamelyCourtneyBlogs...more

Dear Stay at Home Mom

Dear Stay at Home Mom,  I just want to tell you,Your job is not easy. No matter how many kids you are staying home with.  Taking care of babies and toddlers all day long is tiresome, challenging, and exhausting.  You were meant to do it.  I encourage you not to take your time with your littles for granted. ...more

Hello, I'm Superwoman. Someone please tell her she can have her job back.

I am a wife and mother of two kiddos who are 14 months apart (yes that is important to note), a teacher, daughter and friend.  I believe there is hope when you are hopeless, joy when you can't see it, and that our gut mama instincts save lives, especially our own life when the darkness is there....more

A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband, When you leave, I can still smell you. Spicy lingering scent of you. It reminds me there is a warm place, a place I fit, a safe place I need. A burrow I do not want to take for granted.I think I am finally at this place in my life where I want to be wanted again. I need to be wanted again. For a long time I needed space. I needed you to let me come to you for love and comfort. The kids were little, my energy non-existent, and the days long and awful. You did this for me, you granted me space....more