Ending Violence Against Women Is About Jobs, Housing & Protecting Kids Too

It's a cliche but I've had a full circle moment. I've gone from a girl who saw her mom being beaten, saw her father being arrested, and who couldn't sleep with the lights off until a few years ago... to being the mother of a son who lives in a safe, healthy household with a father who protects him... to being invited to be in a room full of change agents who are working daily to end violence. ...more
My husband was sentenced in Fl for repeated domestic violence and ended up spending a year in ...more

Bullycide Prevention: 3 Steps for Parents & Lessons from Groundbreaking Nonviolence Activists

The wave of shocking suicides by young adults, teens and tweens, who were allegedly being bullied and sexual harassed, have many parents, schools and communities reeling about how to stop the tide. When a rash of troubling behavior — and tragic outcomes — such as this hits, it's natural for parents, role models and youth alike to feel outraged or even powerless. ...more

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments. I know change is hard. All things worth committing to ...more

Bullycide Prevention: 3 Steps for Parents

"Bullycides" Prevention: 3 Ways Parents Can Spread Respect from Respect Rx on Vimeo. ...more

Domestic Violence: Your Story Matters

My first memory is of my mom holding me up as a human shield to try get my dad to stop beating her—possibly to stop from killing her. I remember that she was covered in blood and cowering on the bed and into the corner. I remember the wild look in my father’s eyes as our eyes met. I was 2-years-old. ...more

How horrifying, how horrible for you. Thank you for sharing your story. 

I am a DV ...more

Submit Your Questions for Olympic Gold Medalist and Girl Advocate Dominique Dawes About Girls & Self-Esteem

The week of May 26, I'll be podcast interviewing Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes on behalf of BlogHer! Dominique, 31, was the first African-American woman to win an individual medal in gymnastics, having won bronze in the floor exercise at the ’96 Games, the second of her third Olympics. She was recently named – along with her teammates on the “Magnificent Seven” from 1996 – to the United States Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame and will be inducted in June. ...more

Hi Courtney!

I'm excited to see the interview, and so glad you're doing this ...more