Vanity and The Chicken Wing

I was playing around on Facebook the other day and I saw something that unnerved me.    There were two pictures, one of a teenager, one of a preschooler.  And in both photos these beautiful girls were posing.  They were doing the "chicken wing."  For those who don't know, chicken winging is placing your hand at your hip with a bent arm.  It is to make you look thinner.  Now I'm guessing the teenager knew this, but the 5 year old certainly didn't....more


Growing up, I desperately wanted a Chia Pet.  I mean really, who didn't?  You spread the goopy, gloppy mixture on the top of the Chia planter and in days, you had a pet with a full coat of green hair!  Awesome.  And the jingle.  Ch ch ch chia!  It just stayed in your head.  Fun fact, the jingle was created by an ad exec pretending to stutter the word Chia.  One person's insensitivity is  advertising gold apparently.  Nowadays there is the original Chia pet plus a whole host of other designs.  Chia dogs, chia cats, chia Obama.  Anyt...more

The Conundrum of Kid's Meals

 When my family goes out to dinner, I (as most parents do) pick up the children's menu to figure out what my kids can eat at a reduced price.  Obviously since kids are smaller, they don't eat as much so its a nice thing for a restaurant to provide a lower cost option for kids to eat.  But I'm going to tell you a secret.  I loathe the children's menu.  In fact, 99% of the time as I'm reading it,  it fills me with a visceral anger that vibrates through my body from the tip of my head down to the toes.  ...more
Oh - it infuriates me toooo!  I don't understand why a restaurant that is chock full of great ...more

The Reluctant Cook


Me Versus Myself, The Battle Within

I vibrate at a very high frequency....more

Kale is the New Black

 Lots of people are talking about kale these days.  And why not?  Kale is a literal superstar in the food world.  It is low in calories but high in fiber so fills you up.  It contains carotenoids and flavonoids, two powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals.  Additionally, the other components of kale have been shown to fight against the formation of cancer cells.  Kale also has high doses of vitamin C, vitamin A, and manganese.  Its anti inflammatory, its a detoxifier, it strengthens our bones.  This food is more t...more

The Vegetarian Experiment

Since leaving NYC, my carbon footprint has grown.  I thought a good idea to try to "give back" would be to cut out meat one day a week.  Studies have shown that by incorporating "meatless Mondays" into your life, you reduce your environmental impact.  It takes about 60 pounds of water to produce a pound of potatoes, 108 for a pound of wheat, 168 for a pound of corn, 229 for a pound of rice, and 12,000 gallons for a pound of meat....more