Fashion Forward on the Tennis Courts

Written By Rachel GreenbergAccording to a study done at North Carolina University, women make up the bigger half of the recreational tennis market. It’s no surprise, then, that women have led some of the biggest fashion movements of tennis, and that the fashion of tennis has changed to accommodate women’s needs.  ...more
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An Interview with Lynne Burns: CEO of Maggie Mather

Studies show that more women are stepping into the role of CEO and are continuing to develop successful businesses that young women can look to as an example of what they can accomplish.  It was a lot harder finding successful business women that I thought but I did find  many prosperous ladies in the tennis bag market and they all had the same inspiration for starting their businesses; there wasn`t enough fashionable and functional options of tennis and golf bags available....more

Stephanie Sumarsono Defines Success With Court Couture

When it comes to business, I have long and often wondered what exactly the difference is between success and failure. Owning my own company is a dream, but I am just now starting to look at the type of women who have made it.In this quest I have asked a few women for interviews. Luckily for me, “I know a guy who knows a guy” who knows Stephanie Sumarsono ; owner and designer of Court Couture tennis bags. She recently got back to me and her story is just too good not to share....more

Jill LaCorte`s Cortiglia Tennis Bags Make Headlines

The business world is one different from any other, and starting your own company can be a risky venture.  It can be rewarding, scary, fun and frustrating all at once....more
You are right about Jill being an inspiration. I can't imagine running a company and raising ...more