UBC-Okanagan Continuing Studies: Balance

Tomorrow I look forward to teaching a blogging workshop from 9 until 12 at UBC in Kelowna. One of the benefits to teaching these classes is that I meet really interesting people. Some make room in their lives for learning, growth, challenge. The ability to place oneself into a situation where he or she doesn't "know" everything is a real gift. So often life becomes at the same time overwhelming and monotonous. All is the same and a person can numb out washing the dish for the 20,000th time, or sweeping the same trail of grass clippings from the door to the kitchen....more


As I scan the internet, I see that we can train our cats, train our infants months after they are born, teach our birds to mimic our conversations, train our houses to activate themselves to the right temperature, instruct others how to treat us, teach our bosses manners or boundaries or organization, conquer our hair, hault aging. It is frightening how much control that the "matrix" tells us we should assume....more

voluntourism, looking for interviews

I am a multi-media artist residing in Kelowna, B.C. Currently who is looking for information about voluntourism. If anyone who has taken time out, to step out of his or her life and reach out a hand to others to help create a better water supply, teach, build infrastructure in a village, I would like to do a short email interview with you for an article that I am researching. You must be a resident of the United States but any type of volunteer journey is great.... to New Orleans or to New Dehli.    ...more