Easy and Tasty Ways to Add Kale and Other Veggies to Your Family's Diet

 Sauteed Kale with Pine Nuts...more

Have Fun Booing Your Friends and Neighbors!

A "BOO!" bag...more

Capture Your Family Stories and Recipes Before They are Gone Forever

Does your Yiayia make the best baklava this side of the Atlantic Ocean? How about Tia Lupe’s enchiladas?  Are they The.Best.Enchiladas.Ever? At family get-togethers there are usually a few dishes that everyone looks forward to eating.  Many of the recipes for these dishes are not written down, have been passed down generations, and are made from memory. As our relatives age and pass on, so do the recipes for our favorite dishes. ...more

This is the perfect idea for my family! My aunts each have their own special flavor and dishes ...more

Making Ice Cream Makes Wonderful Memories

Homemade strawberry ice cream...more

Breakfast Burritos for a Crowd

Several years ago I would occasionally make breakfast burritos for the group of people that I supervised and serve them at our Wednesday morning meeting. My group members loved them, but as my group grew to 30 plus people I phased them out. Over the years a few of my group members would remind me how much they loved the breakfast burritos and they would sure like to have them again.  I supervise a new smaller group again and decided to surprise them with the burritos last Friday morning. This new group loves to eat, so they were thrilled to get them....more

Move Over Roach Coach, the Gourmet Food Truck is Here!

Cabana Dave's Gourmet Food Truck...more

The Cooking Club Dinner

My work buddy Sheri and I were walking at lunchtime and she was telling me about the fun gourmet-cooking weekend she'd just had. One of her friends is an event planner at a spa and event center in the Napa Valley area and the event center hosts well-known chefs to teach cooking classes there. Her friend has learned a lot from the classes and spent the weekend showing Sheri all kinds cooking tricks and introducing her to new salts, seasonings and oils....more

The Kale Dilemma - What Would Granny Do?

Sautéed Kale with Pine Nuts...more

Portuguese Family Reunion

The paternal side of our family hales from the Portuguese island of Faial in the Azores, and put down roots in California's San Francisco East Bay Area and Livermore Valley at least five generations ago....more