Mother’s Day 2015

Due to some CrAzY TX weather including tornado watches and some MAJOR local flooding, we opted to stay home sweet home this year for Mother’s Day. Bret spoiled me Friday evening by taking me to get my nails and toes done and treating me to a fabulous, kid-free dinner at LaHacienda Ranch while my sweet mom and sister stayed with our crew. A decent group picture of all 6 (or 7) of us is next to impossible these days so I snapped some selfies with each kiddo this evening… My sweet girls, Baxlyn & Kylee ...more


…because no father’s wedding ring should slide up to his daughter’s shoulder. Please help us fight against prematurity: ...more

March for Babies – 2015 – We Need YOU!

First we want to thank all of you who placed Younique orders during our awesome fundraiser! Together we were able to put $120 towards our March for Babies fund! Congrats to my fellow quad mama, Courtney Larson, on winning a set of the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara! ...more

Ay Yi Yi… Our Lil’ Eye, Eye, Eyes!

Another Day, Another Diagnosis…. oh wait, did I already title another recent post with that? I mentioned that Brody & Baxlyn failed their eye screenings at their 6 year check ups ....more

Have Beautiful Lashes & Help Save Babies!!

It’s that time of year again and we are gearing up to March For Babies! This will be our 6th year supporting the March of Dimes and their efforts to give all babies a healthy start at life! Many of you have donated and/or walked with us over the years and here is yet another great way you can help! ...more

Quads – 6 Year Check Up!

I’ll start by saying thank you ALL for sharing your experience with Celiac Disease, I got an overwhelming amount of support and have so many great sources now, thanks to you guys! We did hear back from Dr. Russo and he told us that last week’s biopsies did confirm Celiac Disease in Baxlyn ....more

Baxlyn’s EGD (Upper GI, Biopsy, Scope)

4am came early this morning and we headed to Cook Children’s Surgery Center. Just like her BFF, Mr. Korbin, she didn’t show any nerves before heading back for her procedure – such a champ :) The procedure itself went well and only took about 15 minutes ....more

Another Day, Another Diagnosis…

Many of you who I am friends with on Facebook know we’ve been asking for prayers for our Sweet Baxlyn. Here’s the scoop. Baxlyn has dealt with tummy discomfort for quite some time… for years, actually ....more

Quads 6th BirthDAY!

Bret and I surprised our squad with lunch at school on the day of their birthday! We’ve never done visited them for lunch at school before so it was a nice treat for all of us! We stopped by Subway and patiently waited in the empty cafeteria for their kindergarten class to arrive ....more

Snow Days in Texas

Long time, no blog. My intentions are there but the time it takes and the “down time” it requires….not so much. Lots to share a lots to catch you up on over the next week or so! ...more