Geraniums in My Pot

Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you. (Richard Brinsley Sheridan)I love that quote. One reason is because since my return from Italy, there is definitely a rose bush somewhere that would like to grow in my garden. They are calling my name. However, the heat and humidity have been talking a little louder than the roses, so instead, I've planted geraniums in my pot. Sort of....more

Fashion Friday: Southern Beauty

Today, my Fashion Friday feature is none other than Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog. She gets a feature all her own, because... well, because she's Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog. In blogging circles, Rhoda is one of the coolest ladies in the room, so I am honored to feature her here....more

Beach Reflections at the Zoo

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of participating in another photography class. This class is taught by Diane Davis and Fonda Thomas of Beach Reflections in Gulf Shores. We had a group of about 9 ladies with hands-on lessons with our cameras, a field trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and a little time with Picassa after the field trip....more

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, III

As I travel across the south, I am constantly looking into beautiful faces. I so enjoy talking to these new friends and sharing what this blog is all about. I've never had anyone tell me, "no thanks, I don't want my face on a beautiful faces blog."...more

Fashion Friday: CK Collection

Fashion Friday: The Clothes Tree by Deborah

This past Wednesday at "The Club" in Birmingham, AL, a very fun and exciting fashion show was held featuring models with Darlene Higginbotham of, and clothes from The Clothes Tree by Deborah. My mom and I were guests of one of the models, Mrs. Ellen, and had a delicious lunch, met some beautiful faces and found a new place to shop for current styles.My mom was my secretary and took excellent notes while I took pictures....more

Fashion Friday: Bangles and Bracelets

Thank Goodness, it's Friday! Welcome once again, to Fashion Friday. Today is all about wearing bangles, bracelets and cuffs. With this in mind, I made a bee-line to my favorite jewelry store in my fair city, Estate Jewelers of Fairhope. I'm in a first name relationship with the owner, Julie. And, because she also has beautiful hands, she is my model for today's post. I hope you enjoy it....more

Who's Ready for This?

After a day in the sunshine at Gulf Shore, AL., I thought I'd just throw this question out there for contemplation. Who's ready for a little of this?...more

Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Last week, I was on a mission to find an inexpensive wardrobe mirror that I could doctor and transform into something fabulous. I took a trip to Old Time Pottery. Instead of a mirror, I fell in love with the color of some of their flowers, and brought home everything I would need to make a new Spring arrangement for my front doors....more

The Distinguished Young Women of Alabama Program

This past weekend was the Distinguished Young Women of Alabama "pageant". This scholarship program is one of the oldest in the nation and has been offering educational opportunities to young high school ladies through competition since 1958. Beginning in Mobile, AL, this program (formerly the Junior Miss pageant) has given away more than $108 million in scholarships and this weekend was no exception.My niece, Lindsey Spruiell, represented her county with grace, dignity, talent and intelligence in Montgomery for the past week. She made us all so very proud....more