Boy's Short Haircuts: A Gallery

These are the “Dog Days of Summer” and for most boys that means lots of sports, swimming and sun. A short boys haircut is the best way to beat the heat, and short boys hairstyles don’t have to be boring. Here are the four most popular shorter boys’ styles that we do in my salons and different ways to wear them.Cozy’s Gallery of Boys’ Short Haircuts ...more

Baby's First Haircut - When's the Right Time?

Being parents we experience a lot of big “firsts” with our children. First Smile. First Laugh. First Words. First Steps. First Haircut!...more

5 Fast Morning Hairstyle Tips for Parents

When it comes to getting ready for school in the morning, time is not on your side. No parent wants to send their child off to school looking like a mess, but hairstyling is not a top priority on busy mornings before school....more

8 Tips for Picture Day

The Do’s & Don’ts of Picture Day ‘Dos!...more

Girls' Braids for Recess-Proof Hair

Braids are the solution for tangled tresses! Having long hair can make a little girl feel like a princess, but managing it is no fairytale! Parents who bring their girls into the salon often complain to me about the tangles their long hair acquires after a long day of school....more

Tip's for Your Child's First Haircut


4 Great Hairstyles for Boys

As a mother of two boys myself, I know sometimes styling boys hair is simply getting them to brush it! For boys who have little concern with hairstyles, or whose busy schedules make time spent on hair obsolete, it is important to choose a haircut that requires little maintenance. Here are the top trends in boys’ hairstyles:1. The Basic Buzz...more

How to Trim Bangs at Home

As a mother myself, I know that fitting a haircut into a busy schedule can be a challenge. I also know that kids’ hair grows quickly, and can easily get out of control. Over the years, many parents who bring their children to my salons have asked my advice on how to trim bangs at home inbetween cuts. Here are my tips for quick at-home trims for your child’s hair:What You’ll Need to Trim Bangs at HomeThe right tools are essential for nice, even trims at home:...more

Hat Hair: How to Deal with It!

Cute Hats Can Mean Crazy Hair – What to Do?This Fall I’ve seen a ton of cute and crazy winter hats parade through the salon—with hat hair tagging along for the ride....more