How I Set Up a Home Gym

So after years of petty, bitter complaints about our local gym (The temperature! The squeaky equipment! The "having to share!") we finally decided to create a more functional exercise space in our basement. We already had a super-cheap but quite serviceable treadmill (thank you, Sears warehouse) as well as some dumbbells and other odds and ends. The problem? We figured a workout space that didn't evoke suicidal thoughts might be nice. ...more

but mostly I'm jealous of the pull-up!
Congrats on that. I am in awe. I think my upper body has ...more

Well, Nuts!

I have ambivalent feelings about nuts. The food item, I mean, not the crazy people. (Well, come to think of it, I have mixed feelings about them too, but that's a subject for another time.)Of course any other health blogger writing about nuts would just be an enthusiastic cheerleader. Because we all got the "wait, nuts are really good for you" memo--right after the one that said "transfats will kill you," but before the "Vitamin D will cure everything from cancer to hangnails." ...more

I love to join in when someone starts discussing nuts! Any kind of nut is good ...more

Whole Grains: What's the Problem, People?

I'm old enough to remember when "brown bread" was something exotic and vaguely threatening that only the hippie family down the street was brave enough to eat. As a kid, I assumed there was only one "normal" kind of flour: white. Same thing with rice. And the only variety we got as far as grains were bowls of Cheerios, Cornflakes, or Raisin Bran. But most often, we got our grains in the form of Wonderbread, Oreos, and Poptarts. ...more

I recently "developed" a "go-to" formula for making quick & easy grain dishes using ...more

Stress Sucks - Relax!

There are many components of healthy living: eating right, exercising, refraining from smoking, keeping up with medical appointments, and not doing dumb-ass things like driving 100 miles per hour or sprinting across the street in front of oncoming tanker trucks. ...more

OMG, Craby McSlacker ... You are so not the only person that knows the importance of ...more

Secrets to Staying Fit for Life

I'm not a health expert, and I haven't performed any amazing fitness feats I can brag about. However, I have one proud accomplishment: I've pretty much manage to eat right and stay in shape... my whole life. And I'm almost fifty. That's a lot of cardio and vegetables and willpower, especially for a lazy slacker like me! I figure if I can do it, anyone can. ...more

Can Decadent Desserts be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Some people don't have much of a sweet tooth. They can pass up ice cream, pastries, cakes, brownies or other goodies without making a big deal out of it. If one of these people gets mugged by a girl scout on the way out of the supermarket, and somehow ends up with a box of Thin Mints? She can arrive home 10 minutes later without having to explain why half a sleeve of cookies is already missing. ...more

I have some in the morning before I go running.  So my sweet tooth is huge.  But ...more

Circuit Training: A Great Idea! (For Other People)

I was thinking that since we're still in New Years resolution season, it might be a good idea to write about How To Get Started With Strength Training. But then I remembered: Whoops, I wrote that post already. So instead I thought: how about discussing circuit training? Circuit training is a clever and efficient way to do cardio and strength training all at the same time! ...more

I'm a personal trainer, so I should know better, but I generally hate cardio. I do it, ...more

Four Things To Love about Yogurt (And Five to Hate)

Sure, I know yogurt is good for you, and you can get it in convenient little single-serving containers, and the taste is not unpleasant, but is anyone else starting to find yogurt just a little bit... annoying?Okay, maybe it's just me. I do eat yogurt, even if it sometimes pisses me off. So I'll make sure to say some good things about it before I put on my crankypants and go all whiny and negative. ...more

plain yogurts are healthy but those flavored yogurst are being advertised as being ...more

Best Workout Songs!

I'm always a sucker for lists of "best workout tunes" or "greatest exercise music" or "awesome playlists." This is because I NEED music to work out to, and the right tune can turn exercise from a dreary form of torture to a fist-pumping, heart-pounding, endorphin-generating, cardio extravaganza. I get so goofy and high when I hear good music, I'm surprised I'm still legally allowed to download mp3s....more

OK I love this post... it IS so personal. I've been in a few 60 minute spin classes where its ...more

Balance Training: Do I Hafta?

How's your balance?I thought mine was pretty good. Then a while back Mizfit alerted me to a balance test that tells you how "old" you are based on how long you can stand on one foot, without swaying, with your eyes closed. I don't remember my exact score, but I think I came out somewhere around 113 years old. According to that test, it's a wonder I can get out of bed in the morning without falling flat on my face. ...more
Crabby, thx for this post! I do work on balance, especially at my age! I have really bad ...more