How to Make Healthy Vegetables Tasty: Hey, Celery, I'm Talking to You

Do we need to review the fact that vegetables are good for us? I think not. The only people who might argue that we should cut down on vegetables are the Meatatarians and the Breatharians. And do we really care what they think? ...more

I'm currently addicted to roasted cauliflower and asparagus with a little garlic.

And I ...more

Need More Willpower? Researchers Offer Tips

You've probably read the grim statistics about how the vast majority of New Year's resolutions are doomed to failure. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the failure rate is about 88%. However, the article goes on to explore some research on willpower. And guess what? Turns out there are some handy tricks to it you can learn!...more

And I know this... in theory. Yet sometimes I buy junky foods with the idea I'll ...more

Getting Started With Cardio

Pretty much everyone agrees that for good health, you need to do some sort of exercise.  But does that mean everyone has to do aerobic exercise?  The kind where you get all sweaty, breathe hard, and struggle to keep your heartrate in its picky little "target zone?"Well, I'm not prepared to do an exhaustive research review, but I do know a couple things: ...more

Thanks for your response. I do feel like I do a pretty good job at the cardio and though it ...more

Weight Loss: What Works?

Welcome to the New Year!  As you may have noticed, 'tis is the season when society's interest in weight loss escalates from the slightly obsessive to the barking, raving, shrieking insane.Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you how to lose a quick and easy 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pounds.  Of course, many of these are commercial pitches for dubious exercise devices, pills, fad diets, or low-cal convenience foods, squarely aimed at separating you from your hard-earned money. ...more

My husband and I just started with a personal trainer and I'm sure we'll reach our 2010 goal ...more

Get A Bit More Fit in 2010: 10X Anyone?

Come join the 10x Club!   It’s a new BlogHer group designed to help you take positive steps towards eating better, getting in shape, and feeling your best in 2010.  No pressure though—if your goals are to eat more jelly donuts, spend more time watching TV, and experience a lot more stress and anxiety, you can still join the group too. You just might have to modify the suggestions a little....more

Thanks for telling us about that!


Holiday Hot Buttons: Don’t Send the Wrong Message With Your Healthy Gift

It’s that time of year again--any chance you're in dire need of ideas for holiday gifts? Something healthy might be nice, especially if the recipients are your loved ones and you’d prefer them all fit, energetic and happy instead of weak, slothful and depressed. But even with helpful suggestions and the best intentions, it's still possible to screw up and end up giving a crappy gift. So before sharing some recommendations for healthy gift ideas, here are a few thoughts about what not to do. ...more

Great idea in this economy. I'd join except I already have my cheap wine needs fulfilled by ...more

"Too Busy" for Fitness this Holiday Season?

Over the holidays, it's a tradition to focus on food and festivities, and to put working out lower on your to-do list.  Way lower, like maybe just above organizing your sock drawer.  Who has time for the treadmill when you need every spare minute for shopping, cooking, fretting, decorating, partying, wrapping presents, lighting candles, and engaging in epic family arguments over trivial events that happened 20 years ago?Yet you know if you let exercise slide you’re going to feel guilty. ...more

You can eat a single BITE of pie and not gobble down the whole rest of the slice?  ...more

Hypochondria Lite

Anyone else out there have a slight tendency toward hypochondria? No, not the sort where your life is one long parade of ominous symptoms, visits to specialists, and appointments for tests, re-tests, and re-re-tests--because maybe the results say you're fine but suppose the lab accidentally mixed up your samples with some healthy person's? That's the fullblown, clinical kind. I'm talking about the more occasional, amateur type hypochondria. Hypochondria "Lite." ...more

I periodically lie awake at night because I'm convinced that weird pinch in my leg is ...more