Why I Take My Kids to McDonalds

Before I tell you why I take my kids to McDonalds, I would like to pre-emptively raise my third finger to anyone giving me the old stink eye at the mention of McDonalds.Yes I take my kids to McDonalds. I know all about the epidemic of obesity which the media says is raging rampant across the Americas. It's not like we go to McDonalds every week or even every other week. I even bring along some sliced cucumbers or grapes when we do go. Or at least, I did in the beginning....more

Conversations about a particular appendage.

Penises are very important to little boys (big ones too)! It’s a frequent topic in our house. We have pretty much the same conversation over and over again with our little boy. It usually goes:Mommy, you not have a penis?No, mommys don’t have penises.Mommy, you a girl?Yes, mommy’s a girl.Mommy, girls not have penises?No, girls don’t have penises.Daddy has a penis.Yes, daddy has a penis.Daddy a boy?Yes daddy is a boy....more

The Morning Circus

This morning had a touch of the 3 rings to it. 3 Rings of chaos and disorder caused by children.I got the kids through the morning routine and out to the van with a minimum of fuss. Except for the fact that they both decided they wanted Cheerios (which I was eating) instead of the cereal they had chosen. So when I finally got to sit down to eat, I ended up emptying my bowl into theirs to avoid having to get up, yet again. That was minor except for the fact that I had hardly anything to eat....more