Our calendar is full! Thanks to we have planned a FABULOUS Christmas week vacation! We have decided to make this a "car-trip" instead of flying in; this gave us more credit from our prize winnings for more shows and attractions! Having our car , will also give us a chance to drive the four hours over to Pasadena, California, to visit long missed family to make this a wonderful 2010 Christmas reunion too! So here’s the calendar so far... Just getting out of Texas, will be our first goal, so it will be up and at ‘em at 4:00 am Saturday morning December 18th....more

Planing the FREE Trip from BlogHer! We are so EXCITED!

In planning our FREE VEGAS trip I won from BlogHer, we had first decided on Spring Break since my husband is a teacher and I work at the same district. Then, I found myself being obsessed with constantly reviewing the site (where our gift cards are from) and asking my Face book friends for suggestions.  This was our chance for a long getaway and most of it FREE!...more

I won!, I won a terrific prize from!

I won the BlogHer contest of a trip for two to Las Vegas! I have received my prize and we are in the planning stages. Scheduling for what looks like mid-March during Spring Break 2011! Wow! I can't wait! It will be a road trip for at least 10 days, with a side trip to Los Angeles & Pasadena! Look for "On the Road to Vegas" starring Lynn & Joe Corona...more