Foil Relief Christmas Tree

Soon it is Christmas again and I am in holiday mood already!!! It is the 7th Christmas since I created Craft Passion to share out craft tutorials & patterns that I have designed and made. As you might already knew, I love to craft with different materials and medium, this year I made a small decorative Christmas tree with foil relief method ....more

Christmas Tree Origami

◄ Back Next ► Christmas Tree Origami Picture 1 of 3 (Click arrow for more pictures) Remember the utterly talented Jenny who has shared quite a few origami video tutorials here in Craft Passion, especially the 3D Bird Origami? Today, Jenny is back again with her another written tutorial and video tutorial to make this beautiful Christmas Tree Origami. My son recently is going crazy about origami, this tutorial comes in time for him to try out, especially during this holiday season ....more

Pouf Knitting Pattern

◄ Back Next ► Knit Pouf Pattern Picture 1 of 6 (Click arrow for more pictures) Ever since I saw a knitted pouf from Pinterest, I was so inspired and wanting to knit one for my fireplace this Christmas. I want colored cord or rope and not the natural color clothelines I used for the crochet Giant Doily Rug and knit Floor Mat. So, I begin to search around for colored cord and coincidentally Bobbiny contacted me at the same time to introduce their colorful ropes ....more

Snowman Clay Charm

◄ Back Next ► Snowman Clay Charm Picture 1 of 5 (Click arrow for more pictures) November is almost over, how time flies without any warning. I am miserable when the year is ending as I will be a year older (may be wiser too) in month to come, but…. what makes me happy about this season is that it is holiday crafting time!!! ...more

Giveaway: Needle Felting Kits

I am so in love with needle felting recently, I would like you to try it out too if you haven’t been exploring into this craft. You will be surprised how easy it is to shape up an animal. Trust me, it is not as difficult as you might think ....more

Needle Felted Sheep

◄ Back Next ► How to make: Needle Felted Sheep Picture 1 of 5 (Click arrow for more pictures) Here it is, I am adding another animal to my wool felting craft tutorial, please welcome Ramie the sheep. After the Lion, Owl, Carrot, Little Birds and Easter Eggs (wet felting method), this is the 6th addition to the needle felted wool animal I have made. Hooray!!!! ...more

Halloween Bat Oreo Pops

◄ Back Next ► Halloween Bat Oreo Pops Picture 1 of 3 (Click arrow for more pictures) Need a last minutes quick and easy Halloween treats to make for the kids? Here it is, Halloween Bat Oreo Pops, which needs only a few items to assemble. You can omit the vampire teeth for an even faster job when you are in the hurry More Halloween crafts and recipes, click here ....more

Halloween Donut Treats

◄ Back Next ► Halloween Treats - Mini Donuts Picture 1 of 8 (Click arrow for more pictures) Edible crafts is such a fun thing to do especially when you have an interesting festival to celebrate soon… Halloween!!!! Look what I did to the baked mini donuts… I turned them into Halloween Treats. We have Frankenstein donuts, Black Widow Spider donuts, Multi-eyed Monsters donuts and Bloody-Mouth Monster donuts ....more

Giveaway: Robert Kaufman Fabrics Set

Modes4u is back again this year to sponsor a set of 10 pieces Robert Kaufman Fabrics to be given away to Craft Passion readers. Each fabric is half yard in length, which means you are standing a chance of winning a total of 5 yards Robert Kaufman Fabrics Big thanks to modes4u for sponsoring us to give them away to 1 lucky winner – 10 pieces of cute half yard fabrics as listed below. Monkey Fabric Bird Fabric Dinosaur Fabric Owl Fabric Racoon Fabric Moose Fabric Super Heroes Fabric Planes Fabric Mermaid Fabric Matryoshka Fabric Just in case that you are running out of idea what to sew with these fabrics after winning them, you may refer to the sewing projects here ....more

Bat Treat Boxes

◄ Back Next ► Bat Treat Box Picture 1 of 3 (Click arrow for more pictures) It is Halloween in 2 weeks from now, wow, how time flies when we are getting busy!!!! This year I made some easy bat treat boxes for the trick-or-treat Halloween treats for the visiting kids. These bat treat boxes are easy and quick to make, all you need are some black card stock, paper eyes or googly eyes and glue ....more