HOW TO: Dye Your Yarn!

I got tired of not finding the color combos I wanted, so I dyed my own cotton yarn! It's super easy. Click here to see my tutorial! **...more

Kuckoo for crochet

In the past week, I've turned into a crocheting fiend! It all started with ONE skein of yarn that my brother brought me from Ireland....more

HOW TO: Permanently Glitter a Denim Jacket

My daughter, Maya, has a fun tutorial on how to glitter a denim jacket - pernamently!CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more
I love that jacket! It brings back memories - my sister made me one similar when I was in high ...more

VIDEO: How to Get Over A Break Up (By my Teen Daughter!)

LINKThis past summer I wrote about my 18-year-old daughter falling in love....more
I always found that this helped me get over my ex ...more

Last minute Halloween fun

  Halloween 2011: We decided at the last minute to set up for Halloween. Maya and I painted our faces, Patrick and DeAngelo set up spider webs on the front porch, candles, and put on scary music for the trick or treaters. Once we ran out of candy, all four of us plopped down in the family room and watched Corpse Bride! Photo taken using Hipstamatic....more

Dia de los Muertos Week!

Looking for cool Dia de los Muertos things to do this week?...more

Day of the Dead Hair Accessories

My daughter Maya is on a roll with her craft projects this season. Here are the latest and greatest!SEE THE FULL TUTORIALS HERE AT HER SITE,

Glow in the Dark Faux-Corset Top

My 18-year-old daughter Maya runs a web site called and has a cool project for Halloween! She made a faux corset on a T-shirt using 3D glow in the dark paint!CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more

Sugar Skull Jello Shots

The folks over at MyJelloAmericans found something amazing to make with Smarties candies, white rum, gelatin and Red Bull: sugar skull jello shots!...more
LOVE IT!more

The Placemat Clutch

My favorite type of crafts are the ones that involve transformation from everyday objects. This placemat clutch project from Lil Blue Boo fits right under that category! With a few snips and stitches, you can create a cute accessory or holder for paintbrushes, make up, etc.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more
What a great idea, once again Chica, you found something great!more