One Tear Only...

One Tear Only... Well, today it is official...I finally made the phone call to the school to let them know that Zola and Ajay will not be attending Appleton Public Montessori this coming year....more

Changing Life = Change in the Blog

I felt I needed to change up the direction my blog was going in, if it really even had a direction. I have so many new adventures beginning and Roller Derby has become such a big part in the person that I am discovering in me that I needed a new place to start sharing all of this. First things I found roller derby....more

Kefir Bread

I love sour dough bread, but I am overwhelmed when I look at recipes about making sour dough. Even though I feel that I have quite a bit of fermenting know how, the whole "feeding" of the sour dough seems like a bit much. I mean come on, I want bread not a family pet! Well, I have discovered the lazy mans sour dough by making bread with kefir! I googled "bread made with kefir" a while back and since this looked like the easiest recipe I decided to go with it. This bread on its own is amazing, but the other day I decided that it needed a little punch of flavor....more

Trying To Stay Busy

Zola and Ajay are off on an adventure for the next two weeks. They left yesterday to spend some time with my parents in PA and I am missing them like crazy. Although, I know that they are having fun because this morning when I called I could barely keep Zola on the phone for more than two seconds and Ajay wouldn't even get on the phone. I heard him in the background "Tell her I love her, but I am busy right now."...more

Husbands...They Try So Hard

So, since this is Wisconsin and it only began to warm up in June (I think, the thermometer in my car read 53 degrees today), sunblock hasn't been at the top of my list yet. But, paypal was running a special for (spend $20 and get $10 off, WOO HOO) so I got onto the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) sunblock guide so that I could find the safest sunblocks, within our budget and have my order ready to be placed come pay day....more