Recipe: Jalapeño Poppers!

 Every few months, my cousins invite me to their potluck get-togethers. This time around, the theme was apps and desserts. I took the opportunity to try something new in the appetizer department. Some say never use party guests as guinea pigs for new recipes. I say: why not?!Baked Jalapeño PoppersIngredients:2 cans of Seamless crescent rolls....more

Project Dogway Part 2

Hooray! I got a new car battery, therefore I was able to find some fleece! The fabric department of my least favorite store was a bust so I ended up buying two cheap fleece throws from A.C Moore. The throws were the perfect size and price. $4 compared to the $10 a yard of fleece costs at the store....more

Project Dogway

It should come as no surprise that my dogs can be a bit of a pain in the cold weather. Quinn especially.Once the temperature gets below about 50 degrees, E & Q will shiver, burrow into their cavebeds and refuse to go outside. This leaves me no choice but to be one of those people who sews clothes for their dogs. I’d be ashamed, but you should see my fabric stash. I need to use this fabric somehow!I started out with a store-bought pattern and made some adjustments for a whippet’s weird body shape....more

Recipe: Soup!

Earlier, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers for some of their favorite soup recipes. This cold weather has gotten me in such a “soupy” mood. Nothing is better on a cold day like a steaming hot bowl of soup that you simmered on the stove for hours! I got a few really tasty ideas. I took a spin around my freezer and pantry and threw together tonight’s dinner.Remember my mad dash to freeze pre-made meals during my hyper-organizing phase of pregnancy? Well today, that came in handy!...more

WIP Wednesday

Finished my Sunset With Lily scarf just in time! I love how it turned out. It has an awesome drape! Pardon my mismatched outfit. I was too excited to change tops! (And I want the Gold!)Here’s an artsy-fartsy pic without my face in it:...more

Quinn's Gotcha Day

Three years ago, we brought home the biggest canine goofball known to man. He’s a little bigger now, but still the same silly whippet!  Stay tuned…....more

Enza's Gotcha Day

When I was in college and had just officially moved in with the Husbeast (back then, he was the hubs-elect) I vowed to never live without a dog. We knew we wanted a Whippet. I thought we did all of our research and found the perfect litter not too far from my University. Long story short, things didn’t work out as planned and we ended up with Enza....more

What's Cooking? The Answer is Baby Food.

We all know how much I love stocking my chest freezer with lots and lots of home and pre-made goodness. Well, Spawnbeast is showing signs of being ready for solid food! That pushed me into baby-food making overdrive!...more

Knitting Pattern: All Smiles Wash Cloth

I recently found an old flash drive in a old box college stuff. On it, I found a few patterns I had written. I’m no pattern designer. I guess I was bored one day. I did post this pattern to one of my former blogs. I’m reposting it here with corrections that were found by Ravelry member, InvisibleMandy. All Smiles Wash Cloth Yarn: Any cotton will do. I used Sugar’s and Cream Solid. Needles: US 7 straight needles...more

From the frogged pile to Finished object!

I never got around to posting yesterday. Oopsies.I had a full day at work and  the weather was nice so I took the dogs for a walk. I got back from the walk and plopped in my reading chair to read my latest Kindle download. I forgot I pre-ordered this book: ...more
I can't believe you ever put this in the frog pile in the first place. It's fabulous - I'm glad ...more