Growing Up Mobile: 4 Ways to Manage Screentime with Small Kids

For the past few months I’ve been lucky to work with, a website dedicated to helping techy parents (or parents who want to be more techy) navigate the world of technology and kids. My recent post is up now, and it’s all about managing screen time with small kids. Managing screentime in the summer can be so difficult, especially when you’re a work-at-home parent like I am ....more

CB Reads : David and Goliath + I Am Malala

During the past few months I’ve turned into a bit of a bookworm. Our open summer schedule meant many, MANY trips to our local library to beat the heat and gather up some new reading material. Lucy is a speed-reader who goes through several chapter books at a time, so we ended up spending A LOT of our summer hours curled up with our stories ....more

We May Contribute a Verse

The other day I was at a restaurant opening with my friend Lane of Missalaneyus and we were chatting about blogging. I was just about to come back from my self-imposed hiatus, and I mentioned how I’d had this silly, little blog for 10 years. It’s been a long time, guys ....more

2014 Fall Mini Shoots!

I’m so excited to be able to offer Mini Shoot Photo Sessions again this year! Mini Shoots are a wonderful and economical way for families to capture memories and get some fantastic images to share over the holiday season. I only offer minis once a year, and it’s a pretty good deal, with families saving up to $250 off the cost of a full photo shoot ....more

Back to School : Back to Blog

The first day of third grade. And she wouldn’t let me walk her in to the school. She’s “too old” for that ....more

A Little Summer Break

We just returned home from a little holiday with Trent’s family in Idaho. I haven’t spent much time in that part of the country, but the few times I have, I’ve found it to be a magical place. Maybe it’s because I live in a humid, flat, suburban sprawl, but looking around at mountains, rivers and forests is so peaceful ....more

Summer Beauty Staples

> Summer in Kansas is hot. Like, really hot. Hot and humid and sticky and awesome, but definitely not a great time to be wearing a ton of makeup ....more

Dang, This Just Got Real

A few days ago, I became the proud owner of one minivan. Now, I should point out, this is not a huge deal for me. There are many moms and dads I know that have BIG issues with driving a minivan ....more

Storms Over the Plains

I’m finally going through the final images from our Western Kansas road trip and I found these of one of the several storms that pounded across the plains while we were there. While it looks pretty scary, this particular storm actually wasn’t that bad. One really amazing thing about spending time with people in agriculture, is how much the weather and our environment affects their daily life ....more

Schoolhouse Dance Camp!

When we headed off to Western Kansas a few weeks back, we were not only excited to spend time with family, but Lucy got to attend dance camp! Her sweet Aunt Ashley has her own dance school, and decided to offer a week-long camp this summer for the first time. Lulu was so excited! ...more