Marriage Equality 101

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Spice up breakfast and make lunch fabulous

Feeding children should be easy right? Everybody needs to eat right. The funny thing is that with all of the amazing commercials on TV, kids only want to eat what's on TV not what's in your fridge! Cereal is something I buy for snacks, like if they are still hungry after. Cereal has loads of vitamins but it also has loads of sugar. By lunch time my daughter could eat the paint off the cafeteria wall, she was so hungry. ...more

Good food Good mood

My 9 y/o daughter burns between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day during gymnastics practice. Feeding her is not just something that happens during the day, it's more like carefully putting together a science experiment. Balancing her carbs and protein never stops. Everything that goes into her mouth, trust me she has permission to eat it. It's hard for her too. It's hard to walk pass her teammates birthday cake and ice cream. But she understands that her physical and mental stability depends on it....more

Happy now or later!?

I have made some bad decisions based on how my daughter felt at the moment. For example: My daughter didn't want to leave her friends or her school, so we bought a house in town, and commuted to gymnastics. Now my daughter is being home schooled because she was burning the candle at both ends, getting up for school at 6 after going to bed at 12 from gymnastics. She started to get very sick and sleep deprived. NOW, after driving 140 miles a day for the last YEAR for gymnastics we are buying another house to be close to practice.  ...more

Parent to Parent: Letter to my gymnastics team

Every day we expect so much of our girls. We expect them to deal with extreme amounts of physical and mental stress at such a young age. We expect them to understand what it means to be a team without a real example. We expect them to self motivate and find encouragement outside of us. This is a lot! This is not football, soccer, or cheerleading. This sport may be a true individual sport but the strength and motivation comes from the team. The only one that truly understands what it really takes is their teammate. At this stage in the game emotional pulls are getting stronger....more

Burn Out in Children

Recognizing ‘Burn out’ in your child is very important. It’s easy to see it in adults because being stressed is just apart of adulthood. A child who loves their sport dreams about it, worries about it, get’s upset about it, works at it and lives it. Not to different from what we adults do everyday. So lets think about what we do when we are stressed out: Our eating habits and sleep patterns change, our emotions become unpredictable, our pain response never fits the injury, and nothing makes us happy. This is your child suffering ‘Burn out’....more