DecoArt Paint Giveaway!

You guys know I work with DecoArt. They’re a craft paint company and they are amazing with some really fun products and great people working behind the scenes. Well, today I have proof of that ....more

Summer Entertaining Ideas & Grandma’s Famous Chip Dip

{I worked with World Market on this post and was compensated for my work.} If there’s one thing I love about summer it’s backyard BBQ’s. Nothing says summer evening like hanging out in the backyard with good food and good friends. I love it ....more

Welcome Summer: Ice Cream Social Party

Hello Summer! It’s officially summer today but of course we started celebrating summer when school got out 3 weeks ago. I am a mom who LOVES summer and having my kids home with me. We have had a wonderful 3 weeks so far. So, when they get out of school for the year we celebrate. Big Time. This year we decided to throw a block party. A Welcome Summer Ice Cream Social and BBQ with all of our neighbors ....more

Parade Candy Bucket: Kids Craft

It’s Crazy Little *Kids* Project Thursday! Brought to you today by my 10 year old. Each Thursday we have blog posts with craft created FOR kids BY kids. I am kind of LOVING his idea this week. (He’s one creative kid!) He came up with the idea to create a bucket to collect candy at a parade. Fun and unique. And smart. This way you can collect a LOT of candy! Love it! ...more

Learn to Sew Kids: Turning & Top Stitching

It’s Learn to Sew time for the kids and teens again! Did you get last week’s lesson completed? How did it go? I’m hoping everything went well. Remember to take it at a pace that is comfortable for you and your child. Last week’s lesson and this week’s are the two easiest, so if that’s all they can handle, good enough! You be the judge.   This week we will learn to top stitch and turn ....more

Fabric Covered Clipboard Tutorial

I told you last week that I have a thing for notebooks. Truthfully that goes for all office supplies. And that includes clipboards. Cover that clipboard in fabric (especially if it’s hot pink or turquoise) and I’m a goner. Really this is a pretty easy project. The good news for you is that I worked out all the kinks so that YOU don’t have to ....more

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

Does summer make you want to eat ice cream? Like all the time? I’ve been having a bowl of it every night after the kids are in bed. Shhh…don’t tell! For my 8 year old’s birthday he wanted an ice cream cake. I used the same recipe that I did in this Peanut Butter ice cream cake, I just used different flavors of ice cream this time ....more

Paint Your Own Plates: Kids Project

Welcome to Crazy Little *Kids* Project Thursday! My 8 year old (he’s 8 now-had a birthday last week) is going to show us his stuff again this week. He was the creator of the Light Sabers for kids last month. This month he wants to teach you to paint your own plates. And guess what? These ones are food safe! He’s so proud of these ....more

Notebook Cover Tutorial

I have a major, major thing for notebooks. My husband knows that if he needs a quick and easy gift for me any notebook will do. And I will be thrilled. In fact I would WAY rather get that than jewelry or flowers. Now, throw a little fabric into the mix and you’ve got to know I will be loving it. So, how about a notebook cover tutorial? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun! ...more

Learn to Sew Kids: Straight Lines & ZigZag Stitches

This is it! Time to teach the kids and teens to sew! Who’s excited!?! I’m excited! And I’m a little nervous. Are you a little nervous? I’ll tell you why I am nervous. I am not, NOT, a professional seamstress. I have NO experience teaching anyone to sew. I am just a girl who happens to have sewn a lot in the past 10 years or so and decided to blog about it ....more