Sleep, Elusive Yet Again

OH MY GOSH....sleep was so illusive last night.  I have so much on my mind and it didn't help that I watched a most wonderful film on PBS called "Blood Brother".  I just happened on it as I channel surfed and could not stop watching.  It's a program called IndependentLens on PBS.  I can't seem to find when it will run again but you must, MUST watch it....more

Food & Poo

WARNING:  This blog post is not for the squeamish. If you don't want to know then STOP READING NOW! For the past few years I have had an issue with my, well, poo!  There I said it.  At this age I guess it is inevitable to have some issues with bodily functions....more

Tis the Season to CLEAN OUT & Organize

Yes it is time to do the cleanse...come on by and read about it!...more

Random 5 Friday

Come on by and visit me.  I promise I am still here and blogging, blogging, blogging..... ...more

Let The Ramble Begin

I've hit that place again where I just don't have much to say, but really, I think it's not enough time on my hands to sit and place thoughts here.  So let the ramble flow I say and we'll see what happens. ...more

Concrete Jungle

Come on by the blog today and check out our new Concrete Jungle.  ...more

Giving In To The Chaos

I am giving in to the chaos of construction.  Time away, even though it was only one night at the cabin, spending time with friends, laughter and a few glasses of wine, have given me the breather I needed.  I have cancelled the new book club meeting that I had scheduled for Wednesday night and I'm cancelling the house cleaning that would have taken place.  There is no point on that one.  I have opened my schedule to let the chaos rule my world.  I even cancelled my hair appointment, twice, for the gray coverage....more


I have been double posting here, back and forth from my blog to here and I'm going to stop.  I have a blog and if you want to see what I write about EVERY DAY this year, then come on by and take a peek. ...more

27 and Counting

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to my baby.  My sweet, beautiful and talented daughter.   ...more

Quiet Time

The blog Mama's Losin' It has a writing session where the prompts are posted every Tuesday, after choosing one you write about it.  Then on Thursday you go back and link it up.  Today I've chosen the prompt, "Time for a break.  Show us where you go for quiet time."  ...more