Only 6 Seconds Away From One of the Latest Small Business Trends

Social media is certainly not new to the world of small business.  Most small businesses understand the importance of having a Facebook page and or a LinkedIn account.  However, one social media outlet has taken it a step further and has created a unique way for businesses to get their brand message out to the public.  Vine’s 6 second video is the latest in  small business trends....more

Suburban Walking: A Fruitful Exercise!

 Healthy living is not a trend; it’s something you should practice as though your life depends on it. It does! Some people make an honest effort at living better, and kudos to them, but sometimes the effort of going to the gym or the organic foods market is enough to put them off. After all, it costs in gas, money, and time. Believe me, I understand. I struggle all the time with my desire to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle and my competing laziness and lack of time....more

DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

 Whether you need a few festive touches for your home or for your office, it’s easy to create a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving setting in any space. Nature provides much of what you need. Just add some creativity, and maybe a little paint or glue, and it’s all good.These simple DIY projects will get you started:...more

Transform Household Kitchen Items into Art

With the growing popularity of the Food Network over the past few years, the level of cooking in the average home is more impressive than ever.  Dishes once only seen in 5-star restaurants are now gracing our own kitchen tables.  As I thought about the new levels of creativity that people were bringing to their kitchen, I felt it was time that we channeled that same level of creativity into the home kitchen decor.  However, before you start searching the internet for novelty plates, why not consider transforming everyday kitchen items into pieces of art?        ...more

Marketing Your Business Effectively

Hopefully you’ve been catching up on how to open a business with our previous posts on entrepreneurship. Whether you are considering a business, just opened, or have an established company already, marketing is a topic that should really be visited regularly. There are always new ways to get to, and attract, customers to you business, so it’s good to keep educated even if you’ve been doing it for awhile....more

The Outsider’s Guide to Graphic Design: Vector vs. Raster

 Do you know the difference between a file ending in the extension “.JPG” and the extension “.EPS?”A skilled designer knows how to work with a client to achieve a product that both pleases the client and is grounded in good design principles. If you’re an outsider to the world of graphic design, you might become frustrated if the designer insists on following what seem to you like arbitrary rules. Having a familiarity with some of the basic concepts behind graphic design will help you better understand your designer’s needs and get the professional-looking results you deserve....more

Pinterest Boards for Easy Home Projects with Ikea Furniture

  Ikea makes it so easy to shop for and decorate with cleverly designed pieces that tend to look good anywhere. For some people, the Ikea catalog is more exciting than the Victoria’s Secret catalog because it is packed with decorating ideas and beautiful, simple photography. Since they’re so simple and often utilitarian, artsy folks have a blast refinishing Ikea decor, and there are a ton of easy home proejcts that start off with a piece of Ikea furniture....more

Back To School Shopping

 If you’re like most families, the past couple of weeks have been filled with back to school shopping. I don’t have any kids, but I remember those days. I use to love back to school – all of the fresh supplies – brand new folders, notebooks, and pencils. Who doesn’t love new stuff?! ...more

1st Birthday Carnival

  This past Saturday I was able to style my niece’s 1st birthday party! I was beyond excited and happy that her parents trusted me enough to give me free reign with the event styling! After months of planning, crafting, and late night baking, the party day came and went and was a HUGE success. Special thanks to the vendors who helped make this event possible:...more