Create your Own Fun & Creative No Slip Headbands for your next event!!

 Create your Own Fun & Creative No Slip Headbands for your next event!!...more

Beat the summer humidity with our stylish hair accessories!

  Looking for fashionable headbands in a wide variety of colors styles? For the lady and mom on the go who doesn't always have time to put that extra effort into styling your hair or wants to match her wardrobe from head to toe, our headbands are the perfect fit. All of our items are fully hand washable and in come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Perfect for any occasion, work, fitness, sports, night on the town, you name it! The problem with most handmade and even store bought hair accessories is that they slip out of place....more

Fashionable & Stylish No Slip Headbands and Hair Flowers by Creative Activity

Hello, I am new to BlogHer and I am excited to get started in the blogging community!  I recently started my own side business of handmade No Slip Stylish Headbands and Hair Flowers.  I am a FT working Mom and had to rearrange my life,  as many moms know,  to accommodate my love of working out once the baby was born.  I used to wear those less attractive headbands from CVS :(  to the gym all the time and found myself not really wanting to put a lot of effort into styling my hair in the gym locker room before I went to work.  So, I started making these fun ...more