Are You Guilty of Being a Baby Book Slacker?

I am!  But can I get a fair trial before you throw "the book" at me? I'd like to plea bargain. I have six children. Shouldn't fathers also be persecuted for being an accomplice? They know where the ballpoint pens are kept too!...more

How Captain Von Trapp REALLY Chose Who To Marry In The Sound of Music!

Maria Versus The Baroness Elsa!  At long last, we’ve discovered a never seen before authentic “Pros and Cons” list inside the props box from The Sound of Music set. The Captain wrote it to help decide which woman to make his wife and the new mother of his 7 children. Let’s peek, shall we?...more

Are You Hung Up On Phone Sex??

Is Phone Sex your true "calling?" As a convenient service to my readers, I occasionally take online “How To” articles and expand on them so they’re more accurate.  This will enable you to better accomplish your goals, (which let’s just suppose for today is, “How To Have Better Phone Sex!”) in a more expedient manner.See, I’ve got your number.  And you’re welcome!...more

Must You Be Sneaky To Be a Successful Blogger??

  No! You just need to have a good memory to recall these devious tips:7 Tactics That Truthful Bloggers Will Admit TryingNo...more
weartochat ps.  And now I've just gone to your incredible fashion blog and realize who you are. ...more

How I Shoved Valentine's Day Down Everyone's Throat This Weekend!

And it tasted like Pepto Bismo.For a change of pace, I decided to catch my children off-guard with being festive this year. All it took was sending everyone an “adorable” Valentine’s app and a lot of Splenda packets to conjure up the sweetness in our lives for a day. At least that’s what I thought.  Guess they don’t call them Conversation Candy for nothing! Have a look                   Me:...more

15 Ways Getting Published & “Fifty Shades of Grey” are Similar!

If you want to get published, it takes lots of passion and discipline to send your submission to fifty places. The stress may make you gray. Ironically, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is also all about passion, stress, discipline and submission. But you’ll be surprised to find there’s even more overlap! (Not including Christian Grey bending Ana over-his-lap) ...more

Why Should Engagements & Pregnancies Be The Only Thing That Gets a Creative Announcement?

We’ve all heard about the witty ways a man has proposed to a woman, like hiring a skywriter to spell out, “Marry me, Sue?” I always await Sue’s hiring a second airplane to quickly fly back and respond, “No. But that was dramatic.” and a moment later, “PS.  And you know I go by Suzanne, you cheapskate.”...more

Do Opposites REALLY Attract? Yes! But do they LAST?

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Maybe that just means you should marry someone who also owns a parakeet. In honor of February and Valentines Day, I’m trying to find out if there’s any truth to that age old theory that opposites not only attract; they make for long sustaining unions?...more

12 Unique Ways To Use Your Cell Phone Camera You Hadn't Considered!

I don’t own a regular camera so I was very interested in the unusual ways you can use your cell phone to ca...more

Blogs R' Us (Almost Famous!)

Have you heard?  They are casting a new television show that will portray real life bloggers in their online funny personalities!  Eagerly filling out the application right here, I was disappointed to get an email back from the Big Wig in charge (at CBS no less!) saying I wasn’t quite what they were looking for....more