You Already ARE A Professional Writer! (You just don't know it yet!)

You may not realize it, but you’re a professional writer every single day. Here are ways to elevate the work you already do so you can get noticed and possibly garner yourself a book or movie offer!GROCERY LISTS:  First of all, always give them a title. Try “More Than Just Food!’  or “My Hungry Family: Must They Eat Every Single Day?”Here’s my sample grocery list with a creative spin from yesterday....more

What Do Bloggers Eat at a Conference?

* BLOG CONFERENCE MEAL OPTIONSWhether You’re Famous, Famished or Already Full (of yourself!)It will be Love At First Bite!   Write!BREAKFAST:Soggy Bloggy LIFE brand cereal w/ homogenized monetized milkPosted Eggs, Edited Over Easy.  Served with Permalink sausage with choice of (depending how your writing is going) Belgium Awfuls or Fancakes, drizzled with Blog Cabin Syrup.ORQuotation Quinoa Quiche with Jumbled, Crumbled, Stumbled-Upon Mumbo Jumbo....more

How Our Children Choose Us As Their Moms!

Many people believe that before conception, babies are actually able to pick out exactly which mother they would like to be born to. There must be a catalogue of some sort that the “man upstairs” presents them with so they can make an educated choice....more

Here's What To Do When Your Writing Gets Turned Down . . . Go on a Rejection Rampage!

Dear Editor,I received your recent rejection notice and unfortunately it’s just not what I’m looking for at this time. It’s certainly a well-crafted piece and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, rejecting other aspiring writers. You may try me again in the future with something more upbeat.Sincerely,Stephanie D. Lewis...more

Take The Training Wheels Off Your Blog! (Growing & Stretching!)

In 2014 I was a newborn blogger and WordPress was my comfortable, cozy crib where I felt safe to kick, cry, and reach out to bat my hands at my colorful dashboard to learn new tricks. Getting “Freshly Pressed” was the only playpen I wanted to hang out in and every day I delighted in adding a couple new followers with names like Strained Carrots and Creamed Corn....more

A Preschool For Midlife? You're Never Too Old!

Simon Says  Adults go to preschool!  Don’t believe me? The very first preschool for grown-ups (in the entire world) just opened up RIGHT HERE.  So I enrolled. And even though some of my classmates’ arthritis seems to have flared up while finger-painting, we have a blast....more

Are You Guilty of Being a Baby Book Slacker?

I am!  But can I get a fair trial before you throw "the book" at me? I'd like to plea bargain. I have six children. Shouldn't fathers also be persecuted for being an accomplice? They know where the ballpoint pens are kept too!...more

How Captain Von Trapp REALLY Chose Who To Marry In The Sound of Music!

Maria Versus The Baroness Elsa!  At long last, we’ve discovered a never seen before authentic “Pros and Cons” list inside the props box from The Sound of Music set. The Captain wrote it to help decide which woman to make his wife and the new mother of his 7 children. Let’s peek, shall we?...more

Are You Hung Up On Phone Sex??

Is Phone Sex your true "calling?" As a convenient service to my readers, I occasionally take online “How To” articles and expand on them so they’re more accurate.  This will enable you to better accomplish your goals, (which let’s just suppose for today is, “How To Have Better Phone Sex!”) in a more expedient manner.See, I’ve got your number.  And you’re welcome!...more

Must You Be Sneaky To Be a Successful Blogger??

  No! You just need to have a good memory to recall these devious tips:7 Tactics That Truthful Bloggers Will Admit TryingNo...more
weartochat ps.  And now I've just gone to your incredible fashion blog and realize who you are. ...more