Off to the Races

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Let me show you what we did Friday night…..We went and watched our son race his motorcycle. He asked me earlier in the week what we had going on Friday night and I said nothing but return the rental car, my Jeep had been hit and was in the body shop ....more

Personalized Entrance Marker

This is a project hubby and I started last fall but I never showed you until now because the mulch wasn’t down or the perennials planted. Hubby brought this huge rock home from the next door neighbors farmland. It’s so heavy the bobcat wouldn’t lift it he had to push it with the bucket all the way home ....more

Weekend Cabin Happenings

So Saturday morning I woke up at my usual time, 6 am, and went outside to give my potted herbs some water. It looked like rain so I decided to hold off for a while. I certainly didn’t want them overwatered....more

Log Home’s Summer Porch

Finally I’m back to show you what I decided to do on the front porch. Remember I was pondering over what fabric to recover everything with? Well, I really hate having to make new slips every year just to have the sun fade them so here’s what I did ....more

Turn an Old Lantern into a Mini Greenhouse

Yesterday I was outside all day, I pinned...more

Lilacs, Hens & Chicks, and a Birdhouse

In the midst of several rain showers I managed to get a few lilacs cut. Im so excited to have them in bloom, I must say they’re my all time favorite flowering bush. I so wish they’d bloom longer than they do, but I will take what I can get ....more

Virgin Diet Sweet & Salty Salad Recipe

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone I’m sharing a favorite salad creation of mine today. To back peddle a little… remember the post about me becoming allergic to pizza? Well after some extensive research I figured out I was having several food sensitivities because I am in the beginning stage of menopause ....more

Chicken Talk

Happy Friday everyone, I’m popping in today to show you how big our meat chickens are getting. By the end of the month they’ll be ready for market. They’re sure not a pretty chicken and they’re very lazy ....more

Summer Porch with Ferns and Dragonflies

Yeah Michigan finally has turned the corner and we’ve had a few nice days in a row…..which means I can start my porch decorating……come back later in the week for a full look, right now all I have out is the dragonfly pillow from Lowes....more

Finding Me Time & a $100 Visa Giveaway

Preview Busy, Busy, Busy… I’m trying to decide on fabric for the front porch – do I buy or do I make new slipcovers? It seems like I sometimes have too many ideas whirling through my head and I need a break from it all. When I get to that point my...more