Spinach Celebration

One week of summer passed and I’m pleased to cross off one “Mom Summer Goal” from my list.  I wanted to increase my kiddos consumption of veggies, and vowed to make a spinach smoothie that my family would like… or at least tolerate.   ...more

DIY Blackout Curtains

This fall, I let the kiddos pick out their fabric for curtains. The flames above are my son’s. The problem?  In the Northwest, summer sunlight blazes through the darkest of curtains approximately 20 hours a day. I’m only slightly exaggerating ....more

Welcome to Summer

Need some ideas to put on your summer list?  My kids are willing to share their list: ...more

Teachers, Take Note

As a student, I had a love-hate relationship with multiple choice tests.  I liked having the options instead of relying on memory alone, yet I always second-guessed myself, especially if the answers made you choose the “most correct” answer ....more

Photo Mishaps

Do you take pictures with your phone?  I’ve never had the means to do so until very recently and I was quite pleased with the results. And the convenience. But really, with the results ....more

Pencil Magic

There are some days when the kiddos come home and show what they did in school, that I wish I could’ve been there. To participate and maybe gain the newfound skill that my child is now demonstrating. Today was one of those days, as my daughter showed me something she did with a pencil and paper in drawing class. ...more

Growing Too Fast

I’m always surprised. I shouldn’t be, but I am every time the kiddos let me know that none of their clothes fit anymore. It happens so often.  Which is why I agreed to pass on that Aeropostale is launching a new store for kiddos age 4-12 called P.S ....more

Ode to Home-Ec (plus recipe)

When my son came home and told me he started his home-ec quarter, I was surprised.  I had no idea they did that anymore.  My daughter missed out because we lived somewhere else during this grade. “Do you like it?” I asked. “You’ll see,” he answered ....more

Salt Water Taffy Gone Wrong

One of my husband’s favorite childhood memories comes from a taffy pull.  Having never experienced this myself, I thought this would be the perfect ending to a spring break week ....more

National PB&J Day: Homemade Uncrustables

Today is National PB&J day, so we went on the hunt for ideas! We came across many people making their own version of Smuckers Crustables, but all of them had these fancy sandwich maker devices. I, however, have a glass. Turns out it works great! ...more
A Grace Full Life Blog you should be. I don't even like pie and I ate every bite. I just love ...more