Pandora Jewelry Online Competition Up and Running - Finally!

As a small business owner it never ceases to surprise me how much more effort is involved in getting things happening than you expect, you get these great ideas and think, yeah, I'll make that happen! And then you get into it and there's so much more to it. ...more

Breaking Through Writers Block

After finishing my journalism degree I ended up as a technical writer all by accident. As a professional writer that worked on manuals between 300 - 600 pages long within 3 months I had to find a way to get through the days where writing was just not happening. So I figured out a series of other productive tasks that needed doing that contributed to the job getting finished. Other days I would just push myself to write something. It didn't have to be brilliant or even spot on, it just had to start to be there. Points could be written but not filled out. ...more

How You Can Best Show Off Your Handmade Lampwork Beaded Earrings

How to display jewelry for the greatest effect is a question all jewelry businesses have, especially if you have handmade lamp work beaded jewelry. For the expo trade shows I do I need trade show portable jewelry display kits that show off my designs, look great, attract customers and are easy to setup and pack-up. ...more

Free Wedding Tips

After having a really successful Bridal Expo I've finally got together a great big list of tips and ideas to make organizing a wedding easier. You can get them simply by emailing or visiting the website at or the blog at ...more

How do I find out about the best online sales?

I love the email newsletters that let you know about online and traditional shop sales - you know, where you get 40% off the regular price sort of sale. I'm just having difficulties in finding out about these sites. There's Missy Confidential, a really good site with a weekly email newsletter letting you know about online sales as well as fashion designers and their shop sales - close out and end of season sales etc. ...more

Ah, lovely to get some leads to follow up. :)

Yes, the store is going well and it is good to ...more

What does Easter Mean to You?

I'm up early to get things done before heading out for work and it is Good Friday and having listen to the radio I'm wondering what does Easter mean to people now? I would really enjoy having all of Easter off again and to spend more time with family and friends but instead I have a typical busy Easter with little rest for another week or so. ...more

Where to Find the Best Key Words for your Website

Hey there, When you're working on your key words for your website it can be challenging trying to figure out what people are using and what sites are getting the best results for them. I went to a Stores Online seminar last week and they profiled "Reverse Searching" which lets you enter a key words and it tells you what combinations of key word phrases people are searched for in the last month as well as what results Google, Yahoo, MNS and Ask have returned. ...more

Where are the Best Sales Email Newsletters?

I've discovered the Sale Guide newsletter and love how it lets me know where the best sales are on with their friendly email newsletter. The Sale Guide newsletter has not only local designer shops sales announcements but also online website sales and specials so they are borderless! ...more

That's great! See, ask and you get to find out about all manner of wonderful things. :)

I ...more

Free Internet Marketing Tips Online

Hey there, I've been researching shopping carts for my jewelry website and came across a really useful website for internet marketing advice ...more

Decorative Earring Stands are Making Great Presents

Hey there, Check out and for earring holders. I've added decorative metal earring stands to my range of online goodies and I'm finding something funny, people are getting 2 - 1 for themselves and another as a present! ...more