Holiday Gift Giving: 7 Ways I Reduced My Spending by 50%!

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Personal Budgeting: 6 Money Savings Tips for Today's Economy

Are you making any changes to your personal spending habits due to the economic crisis?  Have your re-evalutated your family budget to determine where to cut back spending?  How much have you told your kids about your money situation?  As a full time career mom I pay for convenience.  I don't have the time to scour the sales, I pay extra for p ...more

Kids and Money - 5 Ways to Spend Less On Halloween This Year

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Personal Finance - Found a Great New Site: CreditFYI

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Kids and Money: How Much Do You Tell Them About The Economy?

There is much debate on how much to tell your children about the current economy.  It's the main focus of the news, it's talked about in school and we live in an area where many parents work for major financial institutions. ...more

I agree wholeheartedly, children need to become educated at a much earlier age about finances. ...more