What do you think is the most significant issue facing military families today?

Ok so many of you may not know that I am a military spouse of 10 years. I really love helping out other military families. What do you believe is the most significant issue facing military families in the community today? www.teamcatherine.wordpress.comwww.armytankerswife.com...more

Another Moral Question

When do the morals and values that you teach your children stop them from caving into peer pressure? www.teamcatherine.wordpress.comwww.armytankerswife.com...more

My daugther's battle with Juvenile Arthritis

In  September 2006, Catherine’s pediatrician Dr. Gupta diagnosed her with Fifth’s Disease, she had this amazing rash that broke out everywhere on her body however the year before the ER doctor in Junction City Kansas, diagnosed Catherine with the Fifth’s disease.  From 2006 to 2009 Catherine has had about 20 sore throats, and about 8 strep throat infections. Catherine has always been an energetic child, very active and constantly in motion....more

Did you have a choice when you were growing up?

My question when you were in middle school and high school, were your parents totally invovled and controled what you did? How did that make you feel? If your parents gave you space and choices how did that affect you? Do you think it changed how you are today? ...more

it maybe due to our culture and being the youngest in the family, when i was growing up until my ...more