Iowans in the Spring

This weekend it's supposed to be in the 40's. ...more

The Smell of Love

I remember when the sixth Harry Potter book came out and I first read about Amortentia.Actually, what I mostly remember from that book's release is getting home from work at 2 am after my bookstore's giant Harry Potter party. ...more

Wherein I Eat Crow and It Is Delicious

Remember how I went on and on about the evils of dental hygienists the other day? Well. ...more

A List

Due to the recent bedroom switcharoo, we've been doing some heavy-duty, soul-cleansing, beautiful, beautiful household purging. ...more

They ENJOY Going to the Dentist

Normally when our kids experience something that is similar to an event from my own childhood except light-years better- like healthy school lunch options or an air-conditioned school bus- I am cranky and cantankerous and go out of my way to remind them of how lucky they are, and if they dare to make even slightest peep of complaint they pay for it by having to listen to hours of bitter "When I was your age"s from me, e.g., "WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE it was so hot on the bus my face flesh almost melted clean off my skull!" ...more

King-Sized Luxury

We got a new bed.This may not seem particularly news-worthy, except Derek's feet fit on this new bed. ...more

Things You Must See

If you have small children, you might know about...more

That's More Like It

Thanks to wonderful, wonderful friends, I think I've almost got this Valentine-party-game-situation licked. ...more

They See Me Rollin'

Meet your new best friend: That, dear ones, is a foam roller. ...more

Do Kids Still Play "Upset The Fruit Basket"?

I received an extremely disturbing email from Adelaide's teacher last week.It would appear that at the beginning of the school year- you know, back when I was fresh off summer vacation and believed I could learn to like doing things with large groups of children, aka completely insane- I signed up to help out with the Valentine's Day party in our daughter's class.Once I got over the shocking message contained within that email, suppressed memories began misting back. ...more