Near our house, crouched in a tree, is a large insect nest. It's been there for months. ...more

A List

My sister Steph sent me a text yesterday that read "A movie for Atticus." I can only assume this horror movie is being made by people who have been stalking Derek and me for the past few years, as I'm pretty sure the above is exactly what I look like after a night of our Atticus's night terrors. ...more

Adelaide and the Old Testament

We go to one of those churches where the kids go into age-appropriate classes where they play and have a snack and learn a lesson while the adults go into the sanctuary for the regular service. ...more

A List

First, something that's been bothering me: ...more

Your Next Book

It's winter; we're all stuck inside, and you're tired of reading books that aren't terrible, but they're not exactly keeping you up too late to read just one more chapter, right? ...more

A List

A friend generously gave us a sack of hand-me-down costumes at church last week. Caedmon has worn that muscle-bound suit for five straight days now. ...more

The Snow Day Box

One week ago, the older kids had a snow day. ...more

A Love Story

If you know our family at all, you're aware that we spend vast quantities of time at our small town library, checking out giant stacks of books, begging for yet another interlibrary loan, and impressing the librarians with our crazy crime-fighting skills (Adelaide, me, and Caedmon, respectively).In the nearby big town, however, they also have a library. ...more

First List of 2015

I just re-read this book for my book club: Our children have got to hate it any time I read this, because although I love it from beginning to end, immediately upon finishing they see a decided uptick in the number and difficulty of their chores (I say at least they're not scrubbing the head of a decapitated pig in preparation of the making of head cheese- and by the by, I double-dog dare you to do a google image search for "head cheese"; I suggest you keep a puke bucket within arm's reach) and anything I decided on a whim might be character-building. ...more

Quoth the Atticus

Most of the family's tears/drama/insecurity flow from our daughter, but the other day we got home from running errands, and Atticus disappeared up the stairs for a while. ...more