Savoring the Cheese

Our calendar for the next couple months is very full. ...more

A Vernal View

So far it's been a mostly wet and chilly spring. ...more

List + Poll

It was warm here last week, which gave me an excuse to make orange cream popsicles. ...more

The Bounty of Spring

This has been an odd week. ...more

Sportsing, Soccer Edition

Atticus went to his first soccer practice tonight. ...more

Three Books

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss I did not expect to like this book.Yes, I loved the first two books in his Kingkiller Chronicles, but the author freely admits- both on his blog and in the foreword of the book itself- that this book is not for everyone. Now, I'm hoping that if you're any kind of fan of the fantasy genre, you've already read his first two books, and if you haven't, I'm actually a little jealous, because you now get to experience them for the first time. ...more

A Wax Museum and a Driving Range

Adelaide pretended to be two things last week.She was Tutankhamun for the third grade wax museum: She was responsible for engineering all of that costume except the makeup, for which I am to be held accountable: ...more

A List

I had decided not to write a post today because I was in such a determined state of grouchiness, but now it's thundering out and there's a light rain to water my hard-working spring flowers. ...more

On Wednesdays We Talk About Sea Lions

Sometimes I wonder how often I try to fit my square or trapezoidal experiences into a round or dodecahedral construct that already exists within my mind and memory, a framework that I can understand.For instance, the first winter winter we lived in Iowa I frequently heard cows lowing in the distance, particularly at night. ...more

Thanks, Atticus

Lately Atticus has been a little impatient with my style of parenting, whatever that may be. ...more