Bison bison, Broken broken

In addition to friendly, our local auto repair place is speedy, and got the van back to us with a new hood and new windshield on Friday, a mere four days post-trauma. ...more

A Weekend List

I ran in my first 5k on Saturday. ...more

Two Books

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson Remember how I was recently whining about how I just couldn't find any good books, the kind of good that makes you stay up too late and turn your to-do list over so it's not staring you in the face as you ignore it in favor of obsessive reading? This book is that kind of good ....more

Also, I Didn't Die

Well. ...more

Father's Day Questionnaire 2015

Today I did my yearly interrogation of our offspring in the name of a cutesy Father's Day questionnaire. ...more

Three Books

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...more

Going, Going, Gone

Yesterday, we spent a few hours helping Derek's sister and her family move.Here's the great thing about helping other people move: ...more


Last Saturday Derek and I announced that we had a special treat for the children: ...more

Ice Cream as Motivational Tool

At the beginning of the soccer season, Coach Jeff (the other half of the undefeated coaching team that is Jeff and Derek, the latter of which Caedmon refers to as "Coach Daddy") told the players that anyone who was able to beat him in a race around the field would get ice cream.Every week at practice the kids tried and failed to beat Jeff, possibly because he has the tiniest height and age advantage. ...more

The Same, Yet Different

Derek and our third wonder, Caedmon, at four years, nine months of age- three days ago: Derek and Caedmon at six months of age- four years ago: ...more