A Mannequin, SOS, and Batwing List

I'm beginning to sympathize with the boy in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, except instead of freaking out villagers, I told Caedmon that mannequins come to life if you squeeze their hands just right. ...more

Finally Outside

We live in that big swath of the country that's been getting rain, rain, and more rain.This isn't unusual for us around here, as our spring is generally marked by more rain than sun, and thankfully we've experienced minimal flooding this year. ...more


My mom and Mark came for a visit over the weekend. Those are two grandboys and a bunch of quilts skulking around her. ...more

A List for Friday

Signs your children are growing up in the age of technology: Caedmon loves to draw pictures, but he will often ask if you want just a picture, or a picture and an audiobook. ...more

I Should Frame These Anyway

All I wanted a nice photo of Adelaide smiling with Table Rock lake and a slice of the Ozarks in the background.Instead she found a big bug on her arm ....more

A Thursday List

The suspicious previous owners are at it again. ...more

The Birthday Girl

Adelaide: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine ...more

No Blood Sacrifices Actually Performed in This Post

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed a successful weekend, in large part because I continued my Mother's Day tradition of buying myself a plant (or three), something I was practically forced to do because a local public garden had their annual sale (not to be confused with an Annuals Sale, haaaar har har) and when they have tomato and strawberry plants that are already big and healthy with blooms for $4.50, it feels criminal not to buy a couple. ...more

Drinking From the Well of Wisdom; or, How I Pronounce 'Lawyer'

The people have spoken and they- you- said the word "lawyer" is pronounced "loyer." ...more

State of Our Yard Address

Yesterday after school, the kids and I arrived home to find our front porch was the scene of a terrible crime. At first glance, it appeared that the Command hook I'd attached to the siding for the purposes of hanging a Christmas decoration had finally given up the ghost. ...more