And So It Begins

The good news: ...more

A List

We haven't done a list in quite some time and Mondays are prime list-making days. ...more

Wo wo woo woo wooooo

How's your week going? ...more

"I'm SO excited."

Today is the first day of another school year.Adelaide's first day of Kindergarten, she was half excited, half anxious, wanted to stand at the very back of the line of kids at the bus stop, and would not allow me to leave her side as the other kids embarked and the line slowly moved forward. ...more

Of Books and Beaches

I find it ironic that it was our 10-year anniversary trip that really reinforced to me how different Derek and I are. ...more

Under-Achieving Moms Anonymous

Do you know what I spent my Saturday doing? ...more

Five Things Friday

It's been one of those weeks, hasn't it? ...more

A Braggart of a City

Hello, Charleston. Cobblestone alleys, buildings all immaculately maintained or restored to their 18- and 19th-century glory, a secret garden around every corner- is it any wonder we're so enamored of this city? I mean, really, though, Charleston is almost embarrassing in its loveliness ....more

The Hostess City of the South

I've been meaning to write about our trip to Charleston, but I'm having trouble condensing the trip into a couple of paragraphs and a photo or two. ...more

Learning To Ride Bikes, Only Almost Died Once!

One of my goals for this summer was to teach Adelaide and Atticus to ride their bikes without training wheels. I knew Atticus would be an easy sell, as he's been begging to have his training wheels taken off his bike for some time now, but Adelaide... well ....more