What, This Happens Every Year?

You know you're falling down on this whole parenting thing when someone comments on the fact that your kid's birthday is in a week and you're like, "What?" ...more

A List

I'm slowly starting the annual fall cleanup of our flower beds. ...more

Two Books

Jane, The Fox, and Me by Fanny Britt, Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault This is a recommendation from me and from daughter Adelaide. ...more


I have done the impossible: That, my friends, is a dahlia, whose tuber I buried months ago with little hope, because although I can grow all manner of things, dahlias (and crocus and carrots) have never been one of them. ...more

Caedmon's Last Year on One Hand

Here's a headline for you: ...more

I Love Gardening... Or I Will, Anyway

I've made it abundantly clear in the past that I love to garden. ...more

Nest: A Review

Because we're exciting party animals, when Derek and I were perusing last year's Black Friday sales, we immediately zeroed in on the sexiest product on the market: That's right: ...more

Pretties from a Wednesday Run

When you do outside stuff like running or cycling or walking, you get to know your own corner of the universe quite well. ...more

Magnificent, Magical Monday

That title up there is a blatant bid for some self-fulfilling prophecy-type action. ...more

Better Vans, Better Libraries

The rumors are true: ...more