Counting Down

Fun fact: ...more

The Good, The Sad, The Distracting, The Extraordinary

The Good of last week's spelling bee:The small army of women who volunteered their time and abilities at the bee. It turns out retired teachers are exactly who you want to have organizing and hosting and making a spelling bee happen for your child. ...more

The Iowa State Fair Spelling Bee

Last week, in the days leading up to the spelling bee, Adelaide was nervous. ...more

I Could Totally Be a 1950's Housewife

Every once in a while something particularly delightful comes my way via the internet. ...more

Good Stretching and Bad Running

Recently a friend of mine asked if I'd be a guinea pig of sorts. ...more

Corn and Ice Cream, But Not Corn Ice Cream

Most of the time, when I'm on one of my longer runs, out on a trail, far from town, I find all the sky and cornfields and farms pretty. I took this photo yesterday morning. ...more

Testing My Ability to Ruin Anything

We are T minus 20 days to the Iowa State Fair. ...more

Stocking Up

Last week I started our back-to-school shopping, because we do most of our school supply shopping in nearby Ames, where if you wait til August you're going to find yourself vying for binders and ballpoint pens with thousands of Iowa State students. ...more

Pretty Things and Jumping Beans

I don't know about you, but events from the past couple weeks have been difficult to process. ...more

Thoughts by the Mile

Here's a taste of the things that rabbited through my brain on this weekend's long run.Mile 1 It's so early. ...more