Kermit Understands

I hope this has been you lately. ...more

After School

Half the days I've worked at the orchard lately, I've checked out, run home to get the kids off the bus, saying to myself, "I am in no way, shape, or form ready to go right back there. ...more

Adventures in Mothering

Adelaide has been begging to dye her hair for months now. ...more

Four Things

This week Facebook reminded me how much I love- and have always loved- to torture our children. Four years ago I took that picture of almost-two-year-old Caedmon, despite the fact that he was getting annoyed with the camera in my hands. ...more

The Birthday Boy

Last week, Caedmon turned six.Other things happened too, of course, but the big event was the celebration of six years of life for the youngest Crisler. When he wasn't pretending to be a ninja (don't tell him I used the words "pretending" and "ninja" in the same sentence, he'll be deeply offended; in Caedmon's mind, when he dons this birthday suit- I mean birthday ninja suit, not, you know, the other kind- he becomes a ninja, he is a ninja, never mind the fact that he's neither Japanese nor an adult nor a resident of the 15th century.), anyway, when he wasn't doing that, he was asking to go to a certain ice cream-serving restaurant for his birthday. This is the same restaurant we went to for Adelaide's fifth birthday, where a much younger Caedmon went from "friends" to "it's complicated" with a waitress there ....more

Apples and Jumping and Jumping and Apples

The seasonal work I've recently undertaken is that of school tour guide at our local apple orchard/pumpkin patch/place you go to wear your kids out. ...more

Enjoying Ourselves Whether We Want To or Not

It's that time of year again, where we all panic about the coming cold and pressure ourselves to have as much warm weather fun as humanly possible while we still can. This is not something we ever have to force on the boys. ...more

Found Things

...or, things I found.This. When I first saw the above I immediately sent it to Derek, hoping/knowing he would think it was funny, because the truth is the funniest. ...more

Like Grandmother, Like Granddaughter

Last week was a rough week for many in my hometown. ...more

Four Things

I haven't done a list post in a long time, have I? ...more