Thankfully for you guys, Derek's dad came over yesterday and fixed our dishwasher, which wouldn't drain, took out our old kitchen faucet whose hot water handle broke off about a year ago and swapped it with a new one, and fixed our broken garbage disposal- it had a corn cob skewer jammed in its innards (hashtag Iowa probs). ...more

Nieces From Kansas, Kansas Nieces

This summer both of my sisters made visits to Iowa with their families. ...more

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I had plans today for this blog, plans for posts about nieces and family visits and running and humidity. But then I stepped outside. ...more

The Good

Good things from our week: (I just had one of those moments where you type an innocent, innocuous word then stare at it suspiciously: ...more

Adelaide, Morning Glory

Derek and I are currently embroiled in a fierce debate with Adelaide. ...more

Good Sportsmanship, or How Hasbro Makes Our Children Unusually Violent

In our house, we have an ottoman. It's one of those padded affairs, bought when our kids were tiny and seemingly intent on falling sideways into every blessed thing, their target, I swear, the delicate temples on either side of their heads. In addition to preventing brain damage, the ottoman is hollow, lidded with two (padded) squares that can be lifted to reveal two (padded) storage spaces ....more

How Does Our Garden Grow?

You know what we haven't talked about in quite some time? ...more

Water Not-Babies

Today I went out back and discovered that I have real, live zinnias growing (not to worry, though; there's still plenty of time for them to wither and die for no good reason), and a mess of wild Crislers frolicking amongst the fading hollyhocks: Neither Derek nor I want to fuss with even as much as a tiny wading pool, and for me, turning on the hose for a sprinkler is like watching our progeny run and splash through sprays of money. I fill a big bucket of water, hand them each a cheap water gun, and walk away. ...more

There's No Place Like Home, But Good Luck Getting There

This summer, the section of I-35 between central Iowa and southern Kansas has seen plenty of activity by our family, both immediate and extended. ...more

Ideal Idyll

This summer. ...more