How to Brand Yourself on Social Media Immediately

Aside from getting your color scheme, fonts, and writing voice perfected, how how do you go about branding yourself across social media? Today, I share a post on The SITS Girls, "What Is A Personal Brand?" and share solid steps to solidify a personal brand. In this post, I will share how that looks, specifically on social media platforms. ...more

Under Rocks

There are certain sayings that you repeat in conversations with people. Personally, I have my favorites and I cycle through them. Lately, I notice I've been mentioning how "I live under rocks". ...more

#7QT Your Next Favorite Book Series

I mentioned last week that I devoured Miss Mabel's School for Girls by Katie Cross (MMSFG). She did a fantastic job of getting me( and a slew of other readers) to turn page after page after page well past our bedtimes. ...more

Real is the New Perfect, But is it Fair?

I hide away sometimes within the safe confines of my own mind. That’s not fair, is it? I tell myself it’s easier to sweep my thoughts clear as opposed to sharing every single whim, plan, thought, or dream with my husband. Why do I do that? I share most things with him. And still, I don’t bare it all.  Just last night we were talking about our future plans. He’s really betting on me and that’s scary, right? No. It’s actually quite the confidence builder. But certain things I keep to myself. I don’t think he’ll judge, in fact quite the opposite. I think he likes to encourage my crazy....more

My Writing Process

On Friday, I was tagged by Annabelle Hazard of Written by the Finger of God to share with you my writing process. Me. Cristina. My writing process. Let me process that for a second (can you hear me squealing with delight?) Then I thought, crap. What is my writing process? Thank goodness I had the weekend to think about this. So, I winged up some prayers to my writing partner, ...more

How We Came to Be

It all began with a friendship, as great relationships do. My then friend, Miguel, was newly divorced and I was someone else. What?! Yeah. Miguel and I worked together, he in the mail room and I, an Assistant (Secretary). He was dating and I was pregnant with Alex. My feet swelled, I was tired, worried I would lose Alex, because I'd lost my baby the year before. I don't talk about that often. ...more

Why I Say "I Love You" to My Children

As a mother, saying I love you to my children is something that I am very compulsive about. I am always so acutely aware of how often and in how many ways I say I love you to my children. Sometimes, when one has compulsion, it’s important to lay the compulsion flat, on a page, smooth it’s edges and wrinkles to read the words of memory that are scrawled in pencil, smudged by thumbs and yellowed with time. Couple this with deep reflection and a generally introspective nature, and you’re in for some serious psychoanalysis (of the amateur kind, because I ain’t no doctor). ...more
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One in a Million

I would say I am a good mom. I am sensitive, understanding and empathetic to the little worlds I help navigate through tough life happenings like Alex’s epilepsy. My husband and I agree that feeding, clothing and sheltering a child is what you’re supposed to do, so you shouldn’t get a pat on the back for it. It’s in those intangible areas that we are called to measure, for lack of a better word, our Supermomness (good luck finding that word in the dictionary)....more

What Perseveres

I went looking for old photos today, to find a me with a smile. A me that said there were days of laughter and light. And there were photos like that, birthday parties and patent leather shoes, days at Central Park with my little brothers and gag gifts at Christmas. Unfortunately though, that fades quickly and what remains is the soot of a childhood that wasn't. The soot that you sweep and sweep into this or that corner, but a faint residue always remains. ...more

3 Ways to Keep Faith Alive Between Sundays (with Kids)

The Edel Gathering is this weekend and there were some of us who couldn't attend, as much as we would have loved it! Rita over at The Catholic Review: Open Window thought it would be great to host a blog hop wherein we'd have a virtual conference! I loved the idea and thought to share how I keep the faith alive between Sundays, with kids. I'll admit it, I don't always do a bang up job each week. Because work.You'll see what I mean....more
Avery Lane  Thanks! Is your daughter so excited? I love Kindergarten at our Catholic school. My ...more